Guest Post: A B+M Success Story by Marie Force

Book+Main loves a success story (especially when it involves us) and Marie Force happens to have an amazing one! We invited her to drop by the blog to share her experience with Book+Main Bites and how it’s led to one new reader in particular—and plenty more.

Without further ado, here’s Marie:

When our friend Tracey Suppo conceived of the Book+Main site that connects readers to the romance novels they crave, she probably didn’t expect one of her first satisfied customers to be her own mom. Aviva Suppo had strayed from her enjoyment of reading during the years of raising a family and working.

“I was a voracious reader when my children were very young,” Aviva said. “I was addicted, and romance novels were my favorite go-to genre. As they grew older, my own businesses and home life took precedence over my leisure time, so I let reading for just my pleasure slip away from me, but I never forgot the happiness I received from reading them.”

Enter Book+Main, and a desire to support her daughter’s new project. “When Tracey started Book+Main (we’re so proud of her), I told myself that I would read one book in order to give her my support. As she suggested, I read the ‘Bites,’ and from there chose the author I wanted to read.”

And this is where I got very lucky as an author.

Aviva found the bite for my book Celebration After Dark, which is book 14 in the Gansett Island Series. Celebration features the fortieth anniversary of Big Mac and Linda McCarthy, along with updates on the stories for each of their children, which had been told earlier in the series. Aviva enjoyed Celebration After Dark so much that she went back and started the series with Maid for Love, because, as she said, “After reading that book, I fell in love with all the characters I met at their anniversary party and wanted to get to know their whole family. To me, the most wonderful gift that I received from B+M is being able to go back to the beginning and find all the books that related to this wonderful family series.”

And it didn’t end there. When she finished Gansett Island, she was disappointed that there weren’t more books already available in the series. (Don’t worry, Aviva, there are more coming!)

“I wanted more! So B+M to the rescue again. I found and read your other wonderful series…and finished all of them except Quantum. I thought that the explicit sex wouldn’t interest me, but Tracey suggested that I go back to the ‘Bites’ and try again, it might surprise me. She was so right. Not only did I love that series (and NOT the Tame version), I want more of that series, too!”

Aviva has now read all of my more than sixty-five books after discovering book 14 in a series on Book+Main, and if that doesn’t demonstrate the enormous potential of this site, I can’t imagine a better example.

Tracey said her mom is exactly the audience B+M hopes to attract, people who aren’t necessarily tied into the book world on Facebook or Twitter or Goodreads, but who are avid readers looking for good stories well told.

“I actually remember her telling me that she was so excited because there were so many books to go back and read,” Tracey said, amused and thrilled by her mother’s renewed passion for reading romance novels. And perhaps she’s a tiny bit smug, too, as her own mother has proven the need for a site like B+M. Tracey credits her mom with inspiring her love of romance. “She had massive bookcases in our family room, and I would devour book after book,” Tracey said. “It was like having my own bookstore in our house because she read so much.”

In that way, Aviva deserves indirect credit for sparking the passion that led to Book+Main. Through the Bites we post on B+M, our writing speaks for itself, and serves as the ambassador to potential readers looking for what we have to offer. I absolutely LOVE that Aviva found me through a fourteenth book of a long-running series and then went back for everything I had to offer. She has since moved on to author Carly Phillips and is working her way through Carly’s backlist.

Aviva’s story demonstrates the potential power of B+M. And that she’s Tracey’s mom makes it even better for our tireless B+M founder. For me, Aviva’s story is extra special because I lost my mom a year before I finished my first book. Hearing that someone else’s mom loves my books enough to read them all, is a very special gift, to say the least.

Thanks, Momma Aviva!

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