An Interview with Evie Graham

Hi Evie! Thanks for agreeing to allow Book+Main to pick your brain.

Anytime! With remote learning and 2020, I’m not sure what’s left, but you can have it!

Well, we appreciate it none-the-less. You’re a trooper! Let’s jump in. As a newer author to the indie scene, what drew you to write in another author’s world?

First of all, I’m a huge fan of Corinne Michaels’. I’ve been reading and devouring her books forever. When the opportunity came up, I wasn’t sure I was even good enough. But with a huge push from a really good friend (winky face)—I applied. I couldn’t wait to incorporate her amazing characters into my writing.

We love Corinne too! We were excited you joined her world. When we read your debut, Cross-Checking, we knew you you’d bring something incredible to the Salvation Society. Can you tell us a bit about your experience writing in the Salvation Society?

It’s incredible but really stressful! You want to make sure you do justice to these incredible characters and worlds that Corinne has created. She’s a master—and I felt like an apprentice. But there really is no one better to learn from.

We’ve been curious to find out how your book crosses over to Salvation Series?

Kennedy Cole plays a huge part as the best friend, confidant and wrangler of my characters. This is also a crossover with my Lilac Harbor series, so you’ll see some familiar places.

Can you tell us a little bit about Reclamation and if there will be any more books surrounding this couple?

Ryan Evans is a bad boy—in more than one way. He’s caught making terrible decisions and Kennedy as his publicist ships him off to Maine to hide at her best friend’s B&B. Elodie is fresh off of a divorce and trying to find her way. They both are struggling with their lives and their paths, and then how to handle when their paths all of a sudden intertwine! There won’t be more from this couple, but you’ll see them peek in and say hello in other Lilac Harbor novels.

Thank you so much for sharing all of that with us, Evie. Good luck on your release, we can’t wait to read it!


Releasing October 4th in Corinne Michael’s Salvation Society!

Ryan Evans has been caught with his pants down—literally. This footballer is known for scoring—on and off the field—but this time, he’s in over his head. His take-no-prisoners publicist, Kennedy Cole, seems to think hiding out in Maine is the best solution but he’s not going willingly.

Elodie Stewart is fresh off a divorce and busy running a thriving bed and breakfast in the small town of Lilac Harbor, Maine. The last thing she wants under her roof is a moody, broody, problem child player.

After a rough start, they discover a mutual attraction they can’t ignore. The last thing Elodie needs after her failed relationship is a playboy hookup, and Ryan doesn’t need the distraction. But, seclusion has a tendency to bring people together. And together, they just may find the reclamation they need.



Evie Graham believes you can do all things with either food smothered in blue cheese dressing, earl gray tea or the right bourbon – especially the bourbon. She’s a huge fan of all Boston sports teams and lives for firing up the Duck Boats. Well known in her family for being a notorious bookworm and reading everything she could get her hands on, her love affair with romance started early. Evie lives on the lakeshores of New England with her husband, two kids, and one grumpy old cat.

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