Author Spotlight: Alyson Caraway

Book+Main wouldn’t be what it is without our content creators—the authors who share their words in the form of Bites—which is why we want to take the time to spotlight these talented women and men. We’ll be spotlighting authors writing across a range of romance subgenres, introducing you to their books and their Bites, and giving you the chance to fall in love with their stories. For today’s spotlight, we’re introducing you to debut author Alyson Caraway, who writes romance with horns. (Yep, horns!)

About Alyson

Alyson Caraway is a debut author of paranormal romance. When she’s not writing, you can find her indulging in retail therapy, playing video games, studying Japanese, or stuffing her face with something deliciously bad for her health. She lives on Long Island with her husband, daughter, and maltipoo.

Debut Book

Aly’s debut book, Bound to You, was released earlier this month, and is the first book in her Demon Knights series. An “intense” enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance, Bound to You is “an emotional roller coaster with twists, turns, and more turns.”

Can you say already hooked? Because we are! Plus, check out this blurb:

She’s a power-hungry battle angel

Coriel is determined to rid the world of demons and prove she has what it takes to be archangel. But when a fierce battle ends in tragedy on her orders, she is banished from the Heavens–and finds herself at the mercy of Hell’s sexiest and most powerful demon knight.

He’s the demon knight who wants her

Rather than take his rightful place on Hell’s throne, Zagan prefers to spend his days in the human realm corrupting souls–and he’ll end the life of any angel who tries to stop him. But rather than slay the beautiful battle angel when he has the chance, he binds her to him with his life-saving kiss, forcing her to obey his every command.

The line is drawn

Coriel has no choice but to submit to her captor, though the curse of his kiss is not what lures her to him. While Zagan takes great pleasure in exerting his dominance over the Heavens’ fiercest warrior, he soon wants her to do more than just his bidding. As the war between angels and demons rages, he wants her to stay by his side … to rule Hell as his queen.

*Grabby hands* Yeah, we’re gonna need this one STAT! But hey, don’t take our word for it. Check out these reviews:

“Well written, well developed, and very original.”

★★★★★ Amazon Review

“It’s going to be a terrific series! Why are you waiting?”

★★★★★ Amazon Review

The Bites…

“Coryn made him feel like more than a knight, like he wanted to give her anything her beautiful heart desired.”

Luckily for us, Aly already has two amazing Bites on Book+Main for Bound to You. Woot woot! The first is ripe with tension and lip-bitingly sexy, while the second is achingly tender and rather surprising. Whether you like your Bites with a little bit of bite or something a wee bit softer, you’re absolutely going to find something to love about Zagan and Coryn and Bound to You. Check them out:

Connect with Alyson

While we wait patiently for Aly’s next book, make sure you’re following her online so you can stay up-to-date on all her news—and be among the first to know when book two is ready to go!

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