Author Spotlight: Jacinta Howard

Book+Main wouldn’t be what it is without our content creators—the authors who share their words in the form of Bites—which is why we want to take the time to spotlight these talented women and men.

Every month, we’ll be spotlighting a new author, introducing you to their books, their Bites, and giving you the chance to fall in love with their stories. This month, Jacinta Howard, whose debut book, Better Than Okay, came out in 2014.


Jacinta’s first Bite, Rude, is from her holiday novella, The Night Before. When a blast from the past arrives at the holiday party she’s attending, Ava’s left wondering if fate is handing her a chance at love.

“This was the perfect holiday novella . . . warm, flirty, sexy, hopeful—and quite satisfying!”

★★★★★ Amazon Review


The Love Below: A Prototype Series Glimpse (Zay+Jersey) is the latest from Jacinta, part of a series of short reads that update readers on the characters from her Prototype series. Glimpse Four belongs to the couple from Happiness in Jersey (more below!), and is a fan fave.

“A perfect quick read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. This was my favorite glimpse of the four.”

★★★★★ Amazon Review


We mentioned that the latest from Jacinta is the Prototype Glimpse series, right? Well, it starts with a look back at Bam + Cassie from Loving Cassie. “Whatchu Wanna Feed Me?” is a glimpse of this glimpse and we definitely think you should check it out!

And last, but not least, Happiness in Jersey is the first book in the Prototype Series, and Jacinta’s most reviewed book on Amazon. With over 200 reviews and a 4.7 out of 5 rating, this book is “a must read!”


A longtime culture and music journalist and lifelong music lover, Jacinta Howard lives in the Atlanta area. For years, she worked as a writer and editor, covering entertainment, art, and music for various local and national publications. She is the author of new adult, women’s fiction, and contemporary romance, and her work often explores the sometimes-uncomfortable intricacies of relationships, human folly, healing, and the bumps we experience along the road to true intimacy.

A USA TODAY HEA Blog Must-Read Author and a two-time RONE Award nominee, her happy place is hanging with her family and listening to jamming music, preferably while reading on a beach somewhere.


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