Biteucation: Bites vs. Posts

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This week, we’re going to break down the difference between the Bites and Posts features.


Bites consist of content including bonus scenes, deleted scenes, excerpts, serials, etc. It’s an organic introduction to an author’s words that capture the author’s style of writing and give you a sense for whether it’s the right book for you. Try it before you buy it so that you don’t have to experience the dreaded DNF {did not finish}.

Bites are chosen by the author. Think of it as a trailer for books. Bites are highlights from the story that reel you in and make you want to read the book right now! No more downloading books to sit on your Kindle.

Bites populate when a reader searches for specific sub-genre and trope. If I’m looking for a single dad, second chance romance, any Bite that has been tagged by the author with the keywords, single dad and second chance, will populate in my search. You don’t have to be following the author for their Bite to show up in the search. Bites will also pop up in the Discover feed. If your settings match what an author is posting {flame rating preference and sub-genre choice}, they can show up in your Discover feed.

If you follow your favorite authors, you’ll see their posted Bites in your notifications and on your Bites feed.


Authors and bloggers generate posts. As long as it’s book related, it can be a post. Cover reveals, new release announcements, inspirational photos, giveaways, they’ll all be found in your community feed. You only see posts from authors and bloggers you follow. If you click on search, the option to “view list of all authors” will show up. You can scroll to see who is on Book+Main.

Why should authors use the Post feature on Book+Main? We do not employ algorithms to suppress posts. If a reader is following an author, they want to see their posts. Having things hidden isn’t a good reader experience.

Book+Main is a safe zone for readers. It’s all romance all the time. There is no need to have separate accounts to hide likes, comments, and shares. You can freely like what you want. Posts on Book+Main are all about the books. You won’t have to worry about having your Posts hidden under hundreds of big brand ads and drama posts.

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