Biteucation: Using Your Biteshelf

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This week, we’re here to explain what your Biteshelf is, and why it is awesome.

Let’s start with the basics! Where can you find your Biteshelf? On your computer, visit your Bites feed, and click on the third tab—when you’re already in your Biteshelf, you’ll see that it’s highlighted red. And on the app, look at the icons along the bottom of your screen. The Biteshelf is the one on the right—it looks like a bookshelf, because that’s what it is . . . a bookshelf for Bites!


Those of you who have been using Book+Main for a while might recall the precursor to Biteshelf was a simple (but effective) bookmarking tool. It allowed you to click the ribbon to save a Bite for later, and while it was good, we decided we wanted something great.

Biteshelf was the answer. It still has that simple bookmarking function—simply click the bookshelf icon to add a Bite to your Biteshelf so you can quickly, and easily return to it later. But that’s not all it does. Biteshelf also helps readers gain some kind of control over their TBR!


Raise your hand if your TBR is overflowing, disorganized, and frankly, a little overwhelming… *raises hand* Never fear, you’re not alone. With so much choice at our fingertips, it can sometimes be hard to decide where to start. And that’s where Biteshelf comes in.

Pick a book from that burgeoning list, search Book+Main, and read a Bite. Love it? Click through and buy it from your favorite e-retailer. No fuss, no muss.

But what about if you like it, but it’s not quite the right book for you in that moment? We all know that readers are emotional. (It’s us, we’re readers.) Save it to your Biteshelf for later, then search for the next book on your TBR. And so on, until you find the one that speaks to you. It’s like trying before you buy, with the added bonus that it adds a level of control to your TBR that, if you’re like us, is desperately needed.


Now imagine you’re in the mood for a Single Dad romance, but you *gasp* can’t find one! You search Book+Main and hundreds of Bites populate the search results, and while you’re sure to find something for right now, what about those other Bites you read and enjoy, or that piqued your interest, but you didn’t quite get to? Add them to your Biteshelf! Then, the next time you’re feeling a little Single Dad-ish, simply visit your Biteshelf from your computer, use the dropdown box to filter for “Single Dad” and voila, there are the Bites you saved last time.

Easy, right?

It gets better! Because Biteshelf doesn’t just filter by category. It also filters by author, which means you can save your favorites to read and enjoy a later time—or maybe just again and again and again. (This is absolutely how we use it, BTW.)

It’s important to know, too, that your Bites are saved to your Biteshelf in the order that you added them. This goes for your filtered results too. That means if you’re saving a serial week to week, you’ll see them in order when you’re ready to re-read it in one (awesome) sitting.

And there you have it. As you can see, Biteshelf is a quick, efficient, and easy-to-use tool—and one we hope you’re planning to take FULL advantage of every time you log into your Book+Main account!

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