Biteucation: Flame Ratings

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This week, we’re talking about Flame Ratings—what they are, what they mean, and how you can use them to improve your Book+Main experience.

Ready? Let’s go!


We’re so glad you asked! Flame Ratings are our way of showing a reader the kind of content they can expect when reading a Bite, and when buying a book.

That’s right, there are TWO kinds of Flame Ratings! One for Bites and one for books. And while they exist together to make choosing what to read as seamless as possible for the reader, they aren’t the same thing. Here’s how:

• A Bite Flame Rating is for the content of the Bite itself. Authors, that means you need to consider the content of your excerpt. Not just the heat level (although that’s very important), but also the language used within.

• A book Flame Rating is just what it sounds like; a rating based on the content of your book. This rating exists because it’s possible to have a Bite with a lower Flame Rating from a book rated five flames, just as it’s possible to have a highly rated Bite from a mid-range book, so Authors, if you haven’t already added Flame Ratings to your books, get to steppin’!


Because Book+Main is proud to welcome ALL readers of romance, of course! We have users that read the gamut from Chaste to Erotic, and it’s important to make sure all readers’ preferences are taken into account.

We’ve all seen reviews that proclaim, “too much sex and swearing” or “not enough sex and swearing,” which is why readers are asked to input their maximum flame rating when they join Book+Main. By putting the right flame rating on your Bite and your book, you’re ensuring that the right reader is finding—and falling in love with—your words.

Remember, it’s not an exact science, so if you’re unsure about what to rate your Bite or your book, that’s okay. Just go with your gut—or email us at if you want assistance.


This Biteucation isn’t just about Flame Ratings for authors. So, what do Flame Ratings do for you, dear Readers? Why, they help you find your next great read, naturally!

We’ve mentioned that we have tens of thousands of Bites and over 350 keywords on our platform, haven’t we? That’s a lot of choice, and frankly, not everything is going to be for you. So, by selecting your maximum Flame Rating, you’re filtering your search results and ensuring that if your preference is for fade-to-black scenes, that’s what you see. If you want a full five flame experience? It’s yours for the taking!

Don’t forget, your Flame Rating preferences can be edited via the app or on your computer at any time so as (if?!) your taste changes, so too can your Book+Main experience. We’re all about matching you with your ideal read!

And there you have it—a crash course in Flame Ratings. Over time, the use and meaning of Flame Ratings may change, and if that happens, we’ll be back with an update. But until then, remember what we said above: choosing a Flame Rating isn’t an exact science. Do you best, go with your gut, and ask questions if you need to. Enjoy!

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