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You might have recently read our post about Keywords (we hope you have), so now it’s time to talk about Hashtags! Why? Because for both readers and authors, hashtags are an awesome tool that lead to discovery, naturally.

Read on to learn how!


Bites are tagged by authors with the sub-genres or tropes they fall into, and we have tons of them to choose from—over 350, you know that already. But what happens when a Bite has maxed out its keywords, or when an author wants to communicate something other than trope or subgenre? And what if reader wants to find an on-sale read, or something not found anywhere other than Book+Main? (Exclusive content is real, and it is amazing. Check out some of our round-ups below!)

*cue surprised face* Why, that’s where Hashtags come in! In addition to five keywords, every Bite can have up to five hashtags. They can fall into a few different categories and serve different purposes for readers and authors, but the crux is this: hashtags are another way Book+Main makes finding your next romance read a gazillion times easier.


You read a lot. (Don’t lie, we don’t just know it, we live it.) You’re committed to making your book money stretch further, and that means looking for the best deals on books. But how do you find them? We recommend searching popular hashtags—something you can now do without an account!—such as these: #99c, #Sale and #Free. And for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, you can definitely search #KindleUnlimited to make sure the Bite you fall in love with is included in your monthly spend!

That’s not all hashtags are good for. What happens when you get addicted to a particular series? Try searching the series name, like Melanie Moreland’s #VestedInterest or Penny Reid’s #KnittingInTheCitySeries to find more goodness!

Y’all, there are SO MANY ways hashtags can be helpful. You can search for #NewRelease to find books that are, well, new releases. We also like to search #Boxset so we can get multiple reads at once, so feel free to try that too.

Don’t forget, if you spot a hashtag that speaks to you at the bottom of a Bite, click on it and it’ll take you to a list of all Bites with the same hashtag attached!


Authors, we’re here to tell you that hashtags make your Bites that much more accessible. Hashtags give you five chances—in addition to your five keywords—to be discovered by a reader, because you can that many to each Bite.

If you read the above (and you should have!), then you’d have seen the ways that hashtags help our readers find their next favorite book. For you, that means making sure to use all five available hashtags as well as using ones that suit your Bite, your book, and your goals. We recommend using three hashtags that generally describe your Bite. These can be additional tropes (#BrothersBestFriend), indicate story length (#Novella), or can tell readers about sales (#OnSale). The remaining two hashtags should be specific to your character or brand (#PigAndBarley). Check out the cards below for more examples.

It’s also important to remember to update your hashtags. If you’ve added a sale or Kindle Unlimited hashtag to a Bite and it no longer applies, it can lead to a poor reader experience—and no one wants that!

TL;DR: use all five hashtagsx and keep them up-to-date to get the best possible ROI on your Bites! You can edit your Bites and Hashtags by visiting your Dashboard.

And that’s all for this week’s Biteucation! We hope you found it helpful, and that you can put your new knowledge to good use. As always, if you have questions, you’re welcome (and encouraged!) to reach out and ask us anything. Our contact info is at the bottom of every post ↓↓↓ and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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