Biteucation: Our New Look!

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To better highlight what we are, Book+Main has made some exciting changes. So, for this week’s Biteucation, we want to talk about what’s new, what it means for both authors and readers, and how you can continue to get the very best out of every Bite.

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Much like the way Bites allow readers to “try before they buy,” Book+Main has lowered the barrier of entry to allow new users to discover the site before choosing to register. With this change, our hope is that readers will fall in love with Bites (much like we have), create an account for a more personalized experience, and introduce their friends to Book+Main along the way.

Non-registered users will now be able to:

• Read Bites

• Choose their preferred subgenres + flame rating

• View suggested Bites

• Search for authors, keywords and books

• Access Author book pages and retail links

• Check out Author profiles

While visiting the new barrier-free B+M, new users will be shown how creating an account can customize their experience, thereby making their experience theirs. Having said that, accounts aren’t for everyone, we totally get that. And that’s why it’s important to us that readers can still use all of our amazing discoverability features without being compelled to register.


Just like it’s important to us that Book+Main be available to non-registered users, it’s equally important that it remains a safe space for everyone. After all, your Great Aunt Lesley-Mae doesn’t need to know you’re reading romance—unless you want her to, because she might love a 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Bite as much as you do… Rock on, Lesley-Mae!

And that is why we’re putting these safeguards in place:

• Visitors who are not logged in will be asked if they’re 18+ before gaining access.

• Visitors can view comments, but all non-author usernames are anonymous until they’re logged in to keep Book+Main a safe space for all romance readers.


Lots of things! One of our goals has always been to help authors grow their readership and we firmly believe that this is the best way for us to do that. As we’ve proven since the inception of B+M, Bites sell books—and this change will only provide further proof of that!

Look out for these changes to give you—

• More views on Bites because of increased traffic

• More Bite-to-book clicks and retail click-throughs, leading to more sales

• Increased discoverability through SEO

• More access to engaged romance readers

• Quick growth to the platform gives you more visibility


With these changes, you’re gonna want to update your profile so that you don’t miss out on the benefits. If you want more info on updating your account, check out our handy-dandy Biteucation on Housekeeping here. (It’s like we knew these changes were coming or something!)

Oh, and don’t forget, if you want to upgrade to a Pro Author account, you can do so for $9/mo or $99/yr (includes one free month). Upgrades are accessible in your Author Dashboard and you can always email us at if you have questions.


Sharing Book+Main Bites just got easier! Remember your Great Aunt Lesley-Mae? If you want her to enjoy B+M as much as you do—and we’re confident you’re going to—then why not have her join the fun? Sign up for our referral program and invite your friends to experience Book+Main and discover their next favorite author(s)…all while treating yourself along the way!


Not a problem! We want you to get all you can out of B+M, so start by checking out our Biteucation on the different kinds of “Biters.” It’ll give you an idea of how we can help you find and fall in love with new books and authors. And hey, if you still have questions, shoot us an email to and let us help you!

Whew, we think that about covers all the changes and what they mean. Now that you’re well-versed, you can head over and start reading Bites and searching for books and, well, just generally falling in love with the new Book+Main! Enjoy!

If you have a question about using Book+Main, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Authors, if you’re interested in promotional or marketing opportunities, please reach out to the team at

For all other inquiries, please send us an email at

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