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Here at Book+Main, we are proud to have a diverse, talented range of authors using our platform, and writing romance for everyone. But, with so many tropes and subgenres available on Book+Main—over 350—it makes sense that we’d take the time to highlight some of them. (Psst, can you tell we’re proud of that by how often we work it into posts?!) By offering several subgenre-specific newsletters we not only make it easier for readers who already love said subgenre to find Bites, we also make it easier for new readers to find something different!

And that’s why, for today’s Biteucation, we’re sharing info on each of our different newsletters: Historical, African American, Paranormal, and Erotic Romance.


First things first, all four of our special edition newsletters have the ability to encompass other subgenres and tropes. After all, a Bite can—and should *cough read our Biteucation on Keywords cough*—have up to four additional categories beyond the ones that make up our subgenre newsletter categories. Take these Bites from our latest African American and Erotic Romance newsletters as examples.

As you can see, in addition to African American, The Introduction is also tagged with keywords Contemporary, Second Chance, High School, and Single Dad.

Hey… is more than just an Erotica Bite. It’s also an Alpha Males, Virgin Female, African American (double crossover! Bite-ception!), and Bearded Men Bite!

As we mentioned in the intro, we currently have four subgenre newsletters, in addition to our main bi-weekly one, which all users receive. The four subgenres? Historical, African American, Paranormal, and our latest, Erotic Romance. Read on to learn more about each one!


For more than one B+M staff member, Historical was their introduction to romance. This beloved subgenre boasts some classic titles, settings, and tropes. So if you love Dukes and Duchesses, Medieval Highlanders, Regency Aristocrats, and all things historical, then you can sign up for this altogether splendid newsletter here*:

*We’re sorry for trying to sound all regal and historical. It was bad form.


Diversity is one of the foundations upon which B+M was built, which is why, over the last several months, we’ve worked hard to bring a talented—and frankly awesome—range of authors writing African American romance to Book+Main. And whether you already love their books, or you’re looking to widen your reading, the AA newsletter is an update you don’t want to miss!


Eternally popular, Paranormal Romance was one of the very first keywords ever mentioned when Book+Main was still in development. Literally, in a conversation where we tossed around what “meta tags” we’d have available, PNR popped up almost immediately. And now, whether you’re into Vampires, Shifters, or Ghosts (oh my!), the Paranormal newsletter is sure to whet your appetite for more!


Our newest special edition newsletter, Erotic Romance, was added for those of us who like their Bites and their books on the hotter side. We’re talking four-to-five flames of fan-yourself sexiness. Whether also tagged Alpha Males, Virgins (Male + Female), Billionaires, or . . . well, pretty much anything else, Bites with keywords Erotic and Erotica are given their chance to shine here.


As you can see, our newsletters are all designed to help our users find their next five-star read. For authors, that makes them an excellent opportunity to reach readers who already know the kinds of books and Bites they enjoy. Advertising in all newsletters is available, and if you’d like to know more about it, our Sales & Marketing team is ready and willing to help. Simply email them at for more info!

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