Book Club Read Along Discussion: Laceybourne Manor

by Donna Soluri

This week’s discussion book is Laceybourne Manor. For me, this is my favorite ghost story in Kristen Ashley’s Ghosts and Reincarnation series. The time slip, the reincarnations, the witches, and the true love story as it relates to all four main characters—yes, four main characters—is superbly laid out. Our present-day couple, Colin and Sibyl, are an exciting pair. Sibyl and her family are incredibly entertaining, and I adore her hot temper and passion. Justice for the underdog is her mission in life and if you get in her way, beware! Colin is a little hard to take. Yes, Kristen Ashley writes amazing and unique alpha heroes, but Colin is a bit next level for me. He is protective and generous, but he treats our dear Sibyl cruelly several times, and she is such an exuberant soul, it’s hard for me to take. Our ghosts, Royce and Beatrice, are quite similar to Colin and Sibyl, of course, as they are actually reincarnations. Still, I find Royce more palatable. Perhaps his high-handedness is mitigated by the time he’s from? Or maybe Ashley just gives us the good parts of Royce, and he frequently overstepped back in his day, off-page.

Now, I know I’m repeating myself, but it’s important for newbies, so here’s the spiel: Each week, I’ll give you the book of the week’s nickel tour and list a condensed version of our discussion questions. If you want to drop more items here, feel free to do so in the comments below. I’ll check them throughout the day and add them to our main discussion board. Where is that main discussion board? Well, come on over to my B+M Bites profile page by clicking the link below. If you’re not familiar with the Bites portion of the show here at Book+Main, allow me to introduce it to you. You can search for books by keywords and tropes. You can read author-supplied “Bites,” which are extended teases, samples, and sometimes exclusive content from a particular book that can give you a feel for the story and writing. In the Community tab, you can join discussions like this and find some fun recommendations from other book influencers like myself. I hope you’ll join us and stick around for more lively discussions of books we love; maybe you’ll find your next read!

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About Laceybourne Manor

In 1522, Royce Morgan and Beatrice Godwin were murdered on their wedding night, before they could consummate their marriage. A local witch sensed the darkness surrounding them but could not move fast enough to save our star-crossed lovers. She could, however, cast a spell that would allow the couple to meet again and hopefully right the terrible wrong that befell them on their special night so everyone could have their happily ever after.

Arrogant Colin Morgan lives at Laceybourne Manor, and he looks like a dark-haired replica of the manor’s original owner, Royce. Free-spirited American Sibyl Goodwin attempts to tour the manor, and it doesn’t escape Colin that she looks like a blonde version of the manor’s original lady, Beatrice. Colin is used to women treating him as a possession, so he doubts Sibyl’s intentions from the very beginning. He doesn’t, however, explain why he’s so nasty to her. Sibyl can be defined by two specific character traits: One, she’s holding out for the true love of her life. Sibyl knows he’s out there, even if she feels a bit loony holding on to that hope for so long. And two, she will forever champion the underdog and fight for justice, even if it gets her in serious trouble.

Whether you read this on the day it’s posted, or find it months later, we want you to join the discussion, okay? It’s NEVER too late!

Discussion Questions

Here’s a sampling of our discussion questions. Make sure you follow along and participate over on my profile page!

1 This is the second time in the series Kristen Ashley has used the plot point of our heroine selling her body for the better good. Ashley does a phenomenal job of prefacing this conundrum, but could you imagine a time when you’d be willing to sell your body to help someone or something you care about? Also, what do you think it says of the heroes that agree to the bargains?

2 Sibyl’s mother is a special kind of mom. Do you have anyone in your life as sex-positive as she is? Could you imagine being raised by her, oh the fun they must’ve had! As a parent that has always spoken openly about sex to my kids, she even makes me blush a little! How is she different or alike in your upbringing?

3 When Royce comes forward and kisses Sibyl while possessing Colin’s body, Colin is mightily offended that Sibyl felt so deeply about the kiss. He viewed it as cheating. What are your thoughts on this?

4 Did you have a favorite part of the story? For me, the oldies were my favorite secondary characters in the present-day story. Their personalities were so beautifully developed, I couldn’t help but fall in love with them and want to protect them. Having said that, the ghost story was by far the best part of this tale. It spanned centuries, and yet, everyone came along!

Okay, that’s a taste of what we are talking about on my profile. Get over there, and let’s talk it out!

Next week we are discussing Fairytale Come Alive. This story has some dark turns, and you should be warned there is talk of self-harm. If you’re able to stick with it, Fairytale Come Alive is an astoundingly beautiful second chance romance.

One More Thing…

If this book discussion session is moving too quickly, please know the past discussions are still there, on my profile, and open for chatting. I recognize taking on this series in a month is a steep order, and I never expected you to keep up. These books are not short by any stretch of the imagination! So, just read what you can and discuss what you want, no pressure, and no judgments—I want you to enjoy this, and not feel like it’s an assignment. Oh, and I promise November will be one book, a significantly shorter book too, so stay tuned!

If you are new to the discussions, and want to see what came before Laceybourne Manor, check out the links below to the previous discussions of Penmort Castle and Sommersgate House.

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