Book+Main Loves: A Wolf After My Own Heart

by Donna Soluri

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A Wolf After My Own Heart

Series: BeWare My Heart #2

Author: MaryJanice Davidson

Release Date: February 21, 2021

Show me a book with some shifters possessing an exciting origin story, and I’ll show you a good time! Paranormal has always been my sub-genre of choice, but shifters in particular make my heart flutter. Make those shifters of the wolf variety, and it’s the trifecta of awesome!

MaryJanice Davidson is known for her specific sense of humor, and her BeWare My Heart series does not disappoint on that front one single bit. From the hysterical inner voice ramblings and fourth-wall-breaking of our heroine Lila to the internal pining of our hero Oz, these two should have their own stand-up show. But I’m getting ahead of myself a little; let’s start at the beginning.

Oz Adway is an accountant turned social worker-ish investigator for the Interspecies Placement Agency (IPA). He’s organized, kind, and all about the business of keeping young shifters safe, especially after uncovering a dastardly and inhumane trafficking ring involving shifters and humans alike. The sexy wolf shifter is too focused on his work to think about settling down, until one night, while in wolf form, he’s clipped by a rogue, unmarked ambulance while tracking a shifter bear cub.

Our heroine, Lila Kai, is the driver of said decommissioned ambulance. She’s 100% human, or in this book’s jargon, a Stable. Lila’s childhood was not good, but she is determined to put all of her troubles behind her and move forward with her Teddy Bear doctor business. Maybe because of her unsettled childhood, Lila is entirely unfazed when she realizes she’s face-to-face with a small child that just turned into a cuddly bear cub one night after maybe, possibly, hitting a wolf that was oddly darting across the street.

“A Wolf After My Own Heart is an edge-of-your-seat drama that had me turning pages deep into the early morning hours!”

Our little bear cub shifter, Sally Smalls, is possibly an orphan. Her parents may or may not have perished in a small plane accident, and now Sally is all alone in the world. She’s scared and hungry when Lila happens upon her. Lila is always a fixer of problems; she takes the cub/girl home to keep her safe and figure out what the heck she needs to do next. Oz shows up at Lila’s door, and the sparks fly whether they want them to or not!

This encounter leads us to my favorite part of paranormal romance: the origin story, and the mythology that comes along with it. We learn all about the hows and whys shifters keep to themselves and what they think of interspecies relationships. We also learn that, just like human dynamics, some shifters have strong feelings about not mixing with humans at all, especially in a love match category. However, there is a story passed down for generations of a shifter/human love that ends up saving the world. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, A Wolf After My Own Heart kicks into a full-blown mystery, complete with suspense, kidnappings, burly Scottish bears, and a battle scene featuring an errant emergency vehicle crashing through a wall to hopefully save the day. It is an edge-of-your-seat drama that had me turning pages deep into the early morning hours! The politics and history behind the different shifter sanctions are absolutely fascinating and, as many paranormal romances are wont to do, reflect our current heated political landscape. Davidson does a great job bringing everything full circle.

And I haven’t even shared the best part (save the romance, of course)! It has a kangaroo shifter. I’ve read all sorts of wild shifter stories but never have I encountered a kangaroo shifter — her human form even has long flat feet! Oh my goodness, this book was a real page-turner; laugh a minute!

A Wolf After My Own Heart is the second book in Davidson’s Beware My Heart series but fear not, you can easily pick things up here. She does an excellent job of relaying book one without making it feel like a massive data dump. There are some recurring characters, but their hierarchy is quickly sussed out even if you haven’t read the first story. The mystery, with the clues and red herrings, is the star of the show. They kept me guessing the whole time, and the sweet declarations of love made my heart swoon. All in all, an excellent read I highly recommend to anyone that loves shifters and belly laughs.

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