Book+Main Loves: Fighting the Fire

by Donna Soluri

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Fighting the Fire

Series: Warrior Fight Club #3

Author: Laura Kaye

Release Date: March 30, 2021

I have been a fan of Laura Kaye for as long as I’ve been involved in Romancelandia. She is a fantastic writer and has an incredible ability to craft stories that pull you in from page one. Her characters are thoroughly fleshed out. They are flawed, often stubborn, and loyal to families (biological and found) in the most realistic and endearing ways. Oh, and her pining and eventual sex scenes are always top-notch! It’s impossible to read a Laura Kaye book and not get swept away in the romance, and often, the suspense, too!

Kaye’s Warrior Fight Club series is one of my faves. Suppose you’re not familiar with the bigger story. In that case, here’s the gist: some friends and former military friends started the Warrior Fight Club to help returning soldiers deal with the lingering and debilitating effects of PTSD as a result of their time on the battlefield. It’s therapy. In fact, Kaye often delves into other, less talked about forms of treatment, like art therapy and talk therapy. The beauty of the Warrior Fight Club is the participants aren’t just attending a meeting. They form tight bonds and indeed become family. She deftly handles this topic with care and compassion. Fighting the Fire doesn’t miss a beat!

Sean Riddick is a firefighter, a big, loud, self-deprecating but loyal and good-natured man convinced he is damaged goods and not worthy of love. His large size and intimidating glare reinforce the walls he’s built around his heart over the years. Diana England is a retired combat medic turned ER nurse. She is actively dealing with an incredible amount of survivor’s guilt due to her husband’s death on the battlefield. She is as closed off to love as you can get. On the mat at the Warrior Fight Club, Sean and Daniela are constantly sparring. They toss insults like confetti, push each other to fight harder and smarter, and of course, fail to recognize how close they both are to letting their walls down. This good-natured enemies-to-lovers story will make you feel the chemistry from the jump. Add in the one-night-stand they’ve sworn to never repeat again, and you have a lethal combination of smoldering heat, longing glances, and accidental touches.

“It’s impossible to read a Laura Kaye book and not get swept away in the romance. If you need an #enemiestolovers #foundfamily style romance, Fighting the Fire is a great place to land.”

When Daniela witnesses Sean’s devastating motorcycle accident, her combat medic skills instinctually kick into gear. Once Sean is stabilized at the hospital, Daniela agrees to see to his at-home recovery and care. Let the heart-eyed pining begin! To pay Daniela back for her kindness, Sean sets about introducing her to the Marvel Universe. Make no mistake, he is not being unselfish in this task; he’s a huge fan, and he knows there are a crap-ton of movies they will need to watch together, thus increasing his face-to-face time with Daniela. He’s a clever bugger, and Kaye incorporates some fabulous Deadpool jokes and quotes along the way. During Sean’s recovery, the time spent together opens a floodgate of emotions both Sean and Daniela struggle to contend with. Each must confront their own personal demons to come together and recognize the love they share for each other is more profound than physical attraction. It’s scary territory for a firefighter and former combat medic, and we are lucky we get to witness the growth.

While this is the third book in the series, you can easily start here. I don’t know why you’d want to deny yourself the first two books in the series, but if you must, you can! If you need an #enemiestolovers #foundfamily style romance, Fighting the Fire is a great place to land.

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