Book+Main Loves: My Saving Grace

by Donna Soluri

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My Saving Grace

Series: ABC Corp #1

Author: Melanie Moreland

Release Date: February 25, 2021

Melanie Moreland is a New York Times Bestselling Canadian author with at least 25 books to her name. She’s been around for a while, but I only discovered her a couple of years ago. Since that revelation — and make no mistake that isn’t hyperbole, it felt like a revelation — she has become an auto-buy for me. Her writing style is crisp and fast-paced, her stories are compelling, and her characters are flawed and beautifully developed throughout her richly descriptive missives. My Saving Grace is the first book in her ABC Corps series, a spin-off from her Vested Interest series. From what I’ve read, her heroes are stern, intimidating, and somewhat hard to love. Her heroines are clever, so very clever, strong, determined, and an absolute joy to read.

I’m a sucker for the concept of “balm to the tough guy’s soul” or grumpy/sunshine connections, and Moreland doesn’t disappoint. She’s also not afraid of giving her couples a wee bit of an age gap, which I never knew was my particular jam until now.

Grace VanRyan is the daughter of one of the grumpiest grumps in the Vested Interest series. There are several references and character crossovers from that series but have no fear: you can start the spin-off without reading the OG. Grace is in law school, articling (interning in US terms) for one of the top law firms around while studying for the bar exam. The attorney she is assigned to is Jaxson Richards, an older man and a straight-up shark in the courtroom. Having Jaxson as a mentor is a real boon for her career. He’s all business, a remarkable teacher, and highly esteemed as the best in the business. Also, he’s entirely off limits. Which is fine; Grace is there to learn, study and pass the bar. She’s a career woman with a definite set of goals and a career path lined up and ready to roll.

“Her writing style is crisp and fast paced, her stories are compelling, and her characters are flawed and beautifully developed.”

Jaxson’s past is the root of his unapproachable nature. He had a crappy start in life, and it left a mark on his soul that encourages his broody, intimidating nature. He doesn’t believe in love or forever. Always professional and prepared, Jaxson was shoved back on his heels by his attraction to Grace. His need to get to know her, to protect her even when she doesn’t need saving, his desire to simply be around her was utterly foreign to him. And he is not the sort that appreciates being back on his heels one little bit.

Grace’s father is equally perceived as an unapproachable and, honestly, somewhat scary man. Jaxson’s moods do not intimidate. She eats that shit for breakfast since she’s been surrounded by men like him her entire life. What she was not ready for was her almost immediate attraction to Jaxson. That little sniglet of information threw her for a loop but she’s determined to not mix business with pleasure or even the contemplation of pleasure.

My Saving Grace will tick off so many of your tropey goodness boxes. Grumpy/sunshine, age gap, alpha hero, enemies-to-lovers-to-enemies. Hell, there’s even a surprise wedding! I suppose we can call it a marriage of convenience because…reasons.

I would be remiss if I failed to mention Jaxson’s declaration of love. Well placed grovels and emotionally heartfelt declarations of love by a hero that deems himself unlovable are my catnip. The ultimate beauty of Jaxson’s declaration of love is that he didn’t even fully realize he was making such a profound statement. He was just being honest with himself, out loud. “She is the only warmth in my life. Without her, the cold will destroy me” is easily on the Top 10 Best Declarations of Love lists I keep in my reading journal.

I am looking forward to more books in the ABC Corp series. Moreland set the bar pretty high with My Saving Grace, but I have a sneaky suspicion the secondary characters she introduced along the way will more than carry the torch.

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11 Replies to “Book+Main Loves: My Saving Grace”

Bo Davis says:

This is an excellent review! Thanks!

MaryYoung says:

Can’t wait to read this one 😍

Karen Hulseman says:

Yes, especially when the story takes the turning point. It’s all about devouring the words because you just HAVE to know.

Pimm says:

What a review! It’s making wanted to read My Saving Grace again.
I wish I could write reviews as good as Donna.

Donna says:

Thank you Pimm. I’m glad you enjoyed my review and more importantly, the book! Holy wow what a fun book!

Amy Reierson says:

Beautiful review Donna 💓

Donna says:

Thank you Amy – it’s easy when the book is so good!

Karen Hulseman says:

I love this review – I agree 100%. You so hit the nail on the head with this.

Donna says:

Thanks Karen. I made the fatal mistake of starting this book at bedtime. Silly me, I thought I could just read a couple of chapters to get a feel for the story…HA! Famous last words – I watched the sun come up as I finished it.

Not sure if I should comment on this post, but how could I not? Your words have left me floored and I am humbled. Thank you so much. Now that you have activated my allergies, I must go and wipe my eyes. Nope. Not crying. Honest. (sniffle)
Thank you. MM

Donna says:

Thanks Melanie – if it makes you feel better about your allergies, my eyes were pretty red at the end of this book, too (from exhaustion – the good kind, and from swooning!)

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