Book+Main Loves: The Bachelor Cowboy

by Donna Soluri

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The Bachelor Cowboy

Series: Wyoming Cowboys #6

Author: Jessica Clare

Release Date: January 26, 2021

I did not know I was a fan of cowboy books until I started the Wyoming Cowboy series by Jessica Clare. I picked up A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe on a whim, not knowing it was the third book in the series, only focusing on my urgent need to read a Christmas-themed book! Well, I fell in love with the small town of Painted Barrel and all of the quirky, kindhearted residents and knew I needed to start back at the beginning. Ever since that day, I’ve not so patiently waited for each new release in the series, gobbling them up as soon as they hit my Kindle.

The Bachelor Cowboy is Jack and Layla’s story. Jack Watson is the youngest of three brothers who moved from Alaska’s literal wilds to help their aging uncle run his Wyoming ranch. The initial plan was to return to Alaska once things were sorted but, of course, fate and love had other plans for these quiet, unassuming fellas! Of the three, Jack is the loudest—the fun, flirty, self-assured, funny brother who is always ready with an ill-timed joke that no one ever seems to get. He’s also the most traditionally handsome of the three, a trait he isn’t afraid to lean into whenever the situation arises. The man can flirt, unabashedly flirt.

As wonderful as Jack is, The Bachelor Cowboy‘s real star is our heroine Layla, the local accountant. Layla is whip-smart, 100% nerdy, has a dry sense of humor, and, compliments of her incorrigible narcissist mother, some serious self-esteem issues. Oh, and she’s a virgin. The Bachelor Cowboy has a trope for every trope loving reader! Layla’s personal growth, complete with honest talk about therapy and healing emotional wounds, will grab you by the heart and make you root for her success. Her hard-fought breakthrough will make your emotions soar, and Jack’s compassion and devotion will make you swoon.

“Come for the flirty kissing and stay for the beautiful journey of personal growth. You won’t be disappointed.”

One of my favorite things is kissing. I love kissing in real life, and I especially love well-written kissing in a book. It is such an emotional thing; so much can be explained about a relationship through kissing. It’s a level of intimacy that’s often overlooked. It’s about trust. And it ranges from playful to steamy; you can never go wrong with a well-placed kiss. From the casual hello or goodbye peck to the jelly legs, breathtaking, swollen lip, passionate kiss-fest, The Bachelor Cowboy hits all the right spots. Clare packs a whole lot of intense emotion into Jack and Layla’s kissing. Like the rest of the town, Jack is well aware of Layla’s virgin status, so every physical aspect of their relationship moves at her pace. With the give and take, passionate and sweet, Jack and Layla are kissing goals. I caught myself flipping back to re-read some of the kissings because it was just that beautiful to experience.

The Bachelor Cowboy is full of recurring characters but can easily be read as a stand-alone. All of the books in the Wyoming Cowboy series fit that bill. However, I strongly suggest you read them all, especially books 4-6 that focus on these delicious Watson brothers. The Bachelor Cowboy delights with a small town, cowboy, opposites attract, virgin heroine charm. Come for the flirty kissing and stay for the beautiful journey of personal growth. You won’t be disappointed. And for those that love things steamier than just kissing, when we get to the sexy times…well, let’s just say Jack is definitely the kind of guy you’d want your first time to be with. Much like the rest of the book, it doesn’t disappoint! The Bachelor Cowboy is out today.

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