Book+Main Loves: The Spinster and the Rake

by Beth Cranford

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The Spinster and the Rake

Series: Never a Wallflower #1

Author: Eva Devon

Release Date: February 09, 2021

The Spinster and the Rake is a delightfully told story of a low-born lady and one of the richest, most feared and respected men in all of England. It’s easily read and easily enjoyed, and although it does move somewhat slowly early on, it has at its center an immensely likeable pair of protagonists and scene-stealing secondary characters.

Over the course of the last two years, I have managed to read a range of historical romances, and never have I come across a hero quite like Edward, Duke of Thornfield. Just in case it’s not clear, that’s a good thing. Edward is viewed by most as cold, distant, and arrogant, and yet, author Eva Devon deftly gives us glimpses of the kind-hearted soul that lies beneath the ducal exterior almost from the beginning, while also sharing with us the why behind his behavior. And it’s truly a marvel—an acknowledgement that throughout history, the world has seen all types of people and that we are none of us the same. Moreover, The Spinster and the Rake shows us that happily ever after isn’t limited to the neurotypical; we can all find love as long as the ones we bravely reach out to are willing to see us for who we are at our core.

“The Spinster and the Rake shows us that happily ever after isn’t limited to the neurotypical; we can all find love as long as the ones we bravely reach out to are willing to see us for who we are at our core.”

Just the idea of it, the memory of reading it, makes me smile. Much like Georgiana, the bold and sassy heroine does and did. I do love to see a woman who knows their own mind, who is strong when she needs to be, but also able to show the softness that I personally find essential to a good romance. And a good romance The Spinster and the Rake is. It takes the reader into the life of a Duke and Duchess without always sugar-coating the immense task that living such a life entailed. It’s clever, it’s fun, and it’s full of sparkling banter, and speaking as someone who doesn’t necessarily see or know what is considered “correct” and accurate to the times, it also feels very real. A rewarding read, The Spinster and the Rake is a book I would most definitely recommend to friends who are as historically inclined as I am.

And if they’re also inclined to love Mr. Darcy, Elizabeth Bennett, and Pride and Prejudice, then all the better because there are clear hallmarks of Jane Austen’s beloved work here. It’s in the family connections, the stations of Edward and Georgiana, the challenges they face as they overcome their differences and the way they are viewed within society. But fear not, you are not getting a repeat of that oft-reworked classic; The Spinster and the Rake is its own book, with its own travails and tensions and tenderness.

This is the first book by Ms. Devon I have read, and I am confident in saying that it will not be my last. I’m always on the hunt for historical romance authors who can capture and keep my attention—make me think about the book when I am not reading it, make me long to return to the rich world between the covers—and she absolutely did that. I look forward to meeting more of her characters, especially those aforementioned scene-stealing secondary characters, in her future books.

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2 Replies to “Book+Main Loves: The Spinster and the Rake”

Dawn Strickland says:

Great review. I just pre-ordered the book.

Beth Cranford says:

I’m so happy to hear that. I hope you love it!!

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