Biteucation: The Book+Main Solution

There is ALWAYS a lot of chatter in book groups online about the pitfalls readers are experiencing on social media sites. Some of the concerns include lack of privacy, hidden posts, and drama.

We firmly believe that Book+Main is YOUR solution—and not just for finding the best romance novels online! Why? Read on to find out!


Book+Main Bites is a community designed solely for the romance book world. Your family members and friends won’t see you there—but if you want to share with them, you absolutely can! It’s your slice of romance heaven. Interact, search, follow your favorite authors and friends, the sky’s the limit when you don’t feel like you have to hide what you love!


Book+Main does not incorporate algorithms that hide Posts or Bites. By giving you the choice to set your preferred Flame Rating and select your favorite sub-genres, we’re ensuring that you see what you want to see, when you want to see it. And if you do want to step outside the box, you can visit our Discover and Community feeds to see what else Book+Main has to offer!

It’s not just readers who benefit! Authors can feel confident that their time and energy isn’t wasted posting on Book+Main Bites. All of their important news will be shared with ALL of their followers—not just a subset, or what a nameless, faceless person thinks is relevant to your interests. A Bite posted today will still be relevant and searchable two years from now!


Book+Main is all about the books . . . no drama, no politics, and nothing to distract readers from the words. Our Authors drive the content, making it easier to moderate—and ensuring the focus remains on the thing we love: romance novels! With specific guidelines in place, Book+Main Bites is easily your drama-free zone, as well as a tool for readers looking to find romance books, authors, and fellow booklovers.

If you have a question about using Book+Main, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Authors, if you’re interested in promotional or marketing opportunities, please reach out to the team at

For all other inquiries, please send us an email at

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