Guest Post: Debuting With Book+Main by Evie Graham

When author Evie Graham sat down to think about her goals ahead of debut release, she had one goal: to begin building a readership that would follow her through future releases. In today’s Guest Post, Evie shares how she came to find Book+Main, how it helped her, and why it’ll always be a part of her marketing toolbox.


Being a debut author is scary. It’s super intimidating when you are wading into a pool of incredibly talented authors. You definitely feel like the small fish in the big pond. Where do you even go? How do you market your books? How do you get people to notice you? Now, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t expect to hit any lists the first time around, or even the twelfth time around—all I wanted was to find a few readers and start to build slowly a readership. That was my goal.

Enter Book+Main. I learned about Book+Main from a good friend of mine. She explained all about how B+M would give me the opportunity to get my words in front of tons of readers that were looking for exactly what I wrote. They’d be able to see my style right from the Bites, and buy right from there. I was hooked! I uploaded my first two Bites from my debut novel, Cross-Checking.

My next step was newsletter advertising. Once I found out that B+M’s newsletter went out to 55k+ only romance readers? I was sold. I purchased two different slots for concurrent newsletters. Not only did I see my stats on the author dashboard grow but I was also able to see it on the back end in my Amazon stats. My page reads went up and I saw numerous purchases. As a debut author, being able to see the direct results meant everything to me.

I’m so excited to utilize B+M for my next release—Leveled—on 6/19. I’ve already booked my newsletter space and can’t wait to post my first Bite. Through the use of Bites, I was able to reach readers I didn’t think I’d be able to, and the best part? I’m still reaching readers every day. My Bites from Cross-Checking still get hits and I watch the numbers on my stats dashboard climb.

Book+Main is a great way to get your words in front of new readers, and to find readers that are looking to read exactly what you write. Not to mention—you can see the results every day. It will forever be a part of my marketing toolbox.


Evie Graham believes you can do all things with either food smothered in blue cheese dressing, earl gray tea or the right bourbon – especially the bourbon. She’s a huge fan of all Boston sports teams and lives for firing up the Duck Boats. Well known in her family for being a notorious bookworm and reading everything she could get her hands on, her love affair with romance started early. Evie lives on the lakeshores of New England with her husband, two kids, and one grumpy old cat.

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