Diary of a Binge Reader

by Julie Laszczak

Warning: This post contains *ahem* spicy content. Like a full-on, ghost pepper level of spice. If that’s your jam – join me. If not, no worries! We’ll catch you tomorrow for some more incredible book chat 😉

I’m going to preface this by saying I have never read reverse harem. Not that I wasn’t interested, it just hadn’t ever crossed my Kindle. Until now.

Paranormal/fantasy books are my greatest guilty pleasure. I tend to go down the rabbit hole of them and come out like a week later unsure if even my small humans ate food other than Hot Pockets and Goldfish. Luckily, in my line of work, it’s not abnormal to read obsessively and then chat with your co-workers about it the next day even when you fell asleep with your Kindle on your face. However, it had been a LONG time since I had pulled an all-nighter to read a book (let’s be real, I’m not in my 20s anymore).

And then Lexi C. Foss came across my Kindle. (Pssst, she is seriously the best.)

Now here is another warning: I read these series backwards because Midnight Fae Academy called me. You can definitely read it this way, but some parts and pieces will definitely make more sense if you read Elemental Fae Academy first. I typically am super particular about reading things in order, however there was just *something* about the blurb for Midnight Fae Academy that called me like the sea calls Moana.

It all started with Book One in the Midnight Fae Academy Series . . .

Earth Fae Aflora gets bitten by a Dark Fae and finds herself in a brand-new world of enchantment. Nothing – and I mean nothing – is as it seems. We get to meet Shadow (Shade), Prince Kolstov and Headmaster Zephyrus right off the bat. All three men are strong alpha men in their own right but whew . . . there is some serious undercurrents at play and there were moments in which I openly fanned myself. My one concern with reading reverse harem was how would I be invested in ALL of these men. Guess what? Lexi builds this in a way where you can’t help but love them all. And the spice? Oh, the spice. It’s incredibly intimate. Incredibly hot. Incredibly . . . well, everything. Again, I didn’t know what to expect but there were definitely moments where I was like “how did she keep that all straight?” – I did in fact get to ask her that, so keep reading!

Let’s also talk about Aflora. She’s strong, incredibly willful, and man, does she leave those men in her dust. But the way she loves them each for their own parts and pieces in her life is beautiful and brilliant and sigh. I’d be Aflora in another world.

This is one of those series in which you absolutely have to experience every moment for yourself, so I’m not giving away much else. But one thing I will tell you is that Lexi builds a world that you can practically taste. Every last moment, right down to the food prepared (Earth Fae have a unique diet!) you feel like you are there with them. I’ve never fallen into a book in which I could SO vividly picture every last stone and gargoyle. That is a serious testament to superb writing. You need to fall down this rabbit hole and never come out. Who do I petition to become a Midnight Fae?

Also, I may have been live texting Jess (our incredible product manager here at B+M) every single twist and turn because there are things YOU WON’T SEE COMING. I even texted her while she was at a baseball game. Whoops.

Lucky for us, I also have the inside scoop and was able to ask the amazing Lexi some questions about her writing process and these incredible books.

• How do you (ahem) keep all the parts straight when writing the spicy scenes?

A lot of the sensual scenes just sort of flow in my head. I focus more on the sensation and what the voices are feeling/thinking over the parts and pieces. But it does become technical sometimes when I have a lot of participants. In those more complex scenes, I have to remember where the hands and mouths are, who is still wearing clothes, where everyone is laying, etc. It’s an intricate dance in my head, but it’s also from a central point of view, so somehow it works. I’m just the vessel for the madness in my head. 😂

• Your world building is incredible! Do you plot out your stories?

I’m a daydreamer. Usually, I’ll be inspired by something that just grows into an intricate map in my head, and suddenly all these voices and images are just there. They usually interlock and tell a story, and that’s when I grab my pen. But it can take me years to formulate every piece before I start. So I’m very much a plotter. I always have a big picture of where a story is going and how it ends before I ever begin. It’s how I’m able to weave twists and turns into my words; I’m almost always aware of the “truth” while I’m writing.

That said, I occasionally have voices that throw me for a loop. They’re usually cryptic for a reason because they don’t want me to know something that is going to happen until they’re ready to hit me with it. Those are usually my favorite scenes to write because I experience them for the first time while I’m in the scene, and it always amazes me how it relates back to the original intention of the plot. Zakkai was an example of this — he evolved quite a bit in my head, throwing a lot of twists at me that I never anticipated.

• Are you more like Aflora or Claire? Or maybe a little bit of both?

Hmm, I think I’m more like Aflora. She has a tender side of her, but also has a fierce backbone. The fire in her is something I really admire. Her food commentary definitely speaks to me, too. However, Aflora and Claire come from some part of my mind, which means I feel pretty connected to both voices. That said, Claire’s obsession with bacon is definitely not from me since I’m a vegetarian 😂

• I’m ANXIOUSLY counting the minutes until we get to meet the Hell Fae! Any quick insight into those books?

Hell Fae is going to be a lot of fun. Jen Thorn and I have already started writing it together. We’re hoping to be able to release the series a little faster next year, but we’ll see how the year progresses. Cami is exceptionally strong-willed and feistier than Aflora and Claire, so she’s going to be a lot of fun. Readers will also see Ajax again (Shade’s best friend in Midnight Fae), and we’ll be introducing some Shifter Fae, too… 😈


She really did just say Shifter Fae, and my heart went pitter pat. As of today, I have officially worked my way through Lexi’s ENTIRE backlist (and it’s meaty and delicious) and am here to tell you that you cannot go wrong. If you love paranormal/fantasy/dark reads, there is literally something for everyone, and everything was for me.

She’s my new favorite one-click author and I am at her mercy.

Or start with the Elemental Fae Academy series by Lexi C. Foss & J.R. Thorne:

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