Embracing My Best in 2021: Pillar Three

by Tracey Suppo

This is my third post in a series of five where I’m laying out areas of focus for 2021. This past year was pretty crazy and with everything so upside down, I felt like I also got a lot of clarity about what I want moving forward. In my first two posts, I addressed health (sleep, mental, physical) and beauty (aging, skin care/makeup, clothing). Next up, Home.

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The Third Pillar: Home

I bought my first condo in 2004, around six months before I got married. 15 years later—one divorce, two pups who’ve crossed the rainbow bridge, and the (proud) foster failure to two amazing kitties—I sold my condo in the spring of 2019 and moved into my now-apartment. It’s a 650sf (yep, lol) two-bedroom apartment in an amazing neighborhood in Chicago. It’s a neighborhood that I always thought would be boring, but it turns out, I completely love it. I moved here because I wanted to be close to the L (public transit) and my place is smack dab in the middle of two train stops—less than a five-minute walk to either. I’m also a five-minute walk from tons of restaurants, coffee shops, stores, parks, a GORGEOUS library, and more.

Enter COVID-19.

I know things will eventually get back to normal, but for now, none of the things around me are particularly useful. In fact, it makes things more stressful given I can’t walk one block without passing by other people. With the pandemic, there’s actually been a flight, of sorts, out of the city and rents are way down. And, with the pandemic, I actually bought a car (and a motorcycle—more about that later) and now would prefer a place with a parking spot. So come March, when my lease ends, I’m moving.

Let me back up just a minute. One thing—a BIG thing—I’ve failed to mention is that I have A LOT of stuff. Books, artwork, tchotchkes (candles, bowls, things from my travels, etc.) and more. I also have, even after many, many purges, too much clothing and too many purses (turns out you can have too many, lol) I need to either sell, give away, or donate. So my plan is this: spend the next few months separating out what belongs in each of those three ‘buckets’ and create (and more importantly, execute) a plan to get that all done by March 1 (my lease ends on March 31.) I’m going to try all of the resale apps that I’ve seen forever, but never (or rarely) used: Poshmark, ThredUP, Mercari, OfferUp, etc. There are so many out there and I really want to see what works {and what doesn’t} and, of course, share that with you. Then, whatever remains on that date is automatically donated. No excuses. No, “but, wait…” No second thoughts. After many years of accumulating too many things, I think this past year put into stark contrast what I want to surround myself with and what just feels like clutter. Time to move forward. There’s a part of me that also believes (based on many, many articles I’ve read) that a home with more empty space and less stuff will impact my mental space. Onward and upward.

“This past year put into stark contrast what I want to surround myself with and what just feels like clutter.”

One thing I link to in my bio below, but have not mentioned yet, is my cooking blog. I started an Instagram page in December of 2018, which grew into a Facebook group, which grew into a blog that combined my love of cooking and healthy eating {mostly low-carb, low-fat, and low-calorie.} Since then, that’s all grown to over 45k followers—crazy, right? One of the things I’ve been putting off forever though, is creating a YouTube channel and recording cooking videos. I know a ton about social, graphic design, marketing, etc., but I know nothing about video creation. So in 2021, I’d like to learn more about video, which probably falls into my last pillar, Bucket List, where I learn new skills, but in this case brings me back to ‘home’: I want to rent a place with a great big kitchen. A place that I can play around with recipes, record them, and once we’re post-pandemic, have friends over and feed them. One of the things I miss most about these times is not cooking for others and feeding them in my home. I love to entertain and there’s just something so satisfying when a friend eats something I’ve made and loves it. It brings me pure joy.

In staying in my condo for 15+ years, I forgot how much I love to move, create a new space, discover a new neighborhood and more. I’m excited for what’s to come next year and can’t wait to discover my new home!

I hope you’ll continue to join me on this ride as I lay everything out, and then on into 2021 as I see what works, see what sticks, see what makes a real difference in my life. I’ve mentioned before that I plan to share it all with you—the good, the bad, and the ugly. I also promise to be 100% truthful, so if I tell you I love something, it means I LOVE it. I truly want 2021 to be my best year yet and I would love to hear what you’ve found that works for you and what you have on the cards for the coming year.

Embracing my best,


PS. I’ll always end each column with a Just Finished, Currently Reading, and Up Next. For my Just Finished Books, I’ll rate them Loved It, Liked It, or Not for Me. Join me on Insta Live weekly in 2021 to discuss books, home, beauty, and more.

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Tracey Suppo is the CEO and co-founder of Book+Main. She is obsessed with books, tech, and most recently, motorcycles. She loves travel (18 countries and 44 states so far), down comforters, facials, black clothing, and cooking. She has seven tattoos…and counting. She lives in Chicago with her two cats, Wyatt + Gray, and is a proud foster failure.

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