Embracing My Best in 2021: Pillar Two

by Tracey Suppo

To catch you up, in my post last week, I shared some shifts in my life in 2020, primarily as a result of the pandemic. I won’t recap it in full, but essentially, each Tuesday in December (starting last week), I’m going to breakdown one of these five pillars I’m focusing on in 2021: health (sleep, mental, physical), beauty (aging, skin care/makeup, clothing), home (organizing, purging, and with my lease ending in March, moving), relationships (self-discovery, dating, friendships), and bucket list (travel, skills, experiences). Then, in 2021, I’ll be sharing my progress. I’d love it if you’d join me here and on Instagram (I’ll be going live in 2021 each week) and share what 2021 looks like for you. Last week, I covered the first pillar, Health. This week, I’ll be looking at pillar two.

The Second Pillar: Beauty

I have a confession: I’m a makeup junkie. I used to be VIB Rouge at Sephora and I used to put on makeup every day pre-pandemic. I always strive to look natural, but I just love makeup and playing with new products. These days, however, I only put on makeup if I have a zoom call scheduled. It sounds great, right? Not exactly. The problem was that when I stopped wearing makeup every day, I got lax about my skincare as well. I know I hit the genetic jackpot when it comes to skin (thanks, mom!), but as a 47-year-old woman, I still have to be mindful of it. I love getting older, but I don’t love looking older.

I love getting older, but I don’t love looking older.

I promised I’d be honest and so I will tell you that I get Botox in my forehead twice per year (February & August), but nothing else. I tried Voluma a few years ago, but frankly, I’m a wuss and can’t handle the pain. Plus, I just didn’t see results that made me feel it was worth doing again. As for Botox, I know it sounds like an admission here, but I’m not shy about it. I tell anyone if they ask. I love how it prevents lines and I don’t see myself ever giving it up. As for shopping for makeup, that’s another story altogether. I’m not comfortable going into stores just yet, but I have found a few amazing resources online (beyond Sephora) that I’ll be sharing here throughout 2021.

Lastly in beauty, I’m going to delve a little bit into clothing. My winter uniform is pretty set: black turtleneck, black leggings, and black boots. But as I mentioned last week, over the past year or so, I’ve lost 50 lbs. In doing so, I’ve had to buy *almost* an entirely new wardrobe. This has completely thrown me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible. I’ve found a ton of new stores and labels that I love and I’ll be sharing those here as well. If you have any brands you love, please speak up! I’m always on the lookout. But I really love that at 47, I’m totally rediscovering and open to whatever feels and looks good. I think I got into a rut for such a long time that I love the way losing weight has allowed me to take a fresh look at how I dress.

Embracing my best,


P.S. I’m also going to end each column with a Just Finished, Currently Reading, and Up Next. For my Just Finished Books, I’ll rate them Loved It, Liked It, or Not for Me.

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