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We know that there are a LOT of online communities out there, and that a new one—like Book+Main—can be a little overwhelming. We want to make your experience with us as positive and as easy as possible, so we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked READER questions. Authors, if you’re looking for FAQs to help you adapt to Book+Main, click HERE.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for on this list, we’d love to help you out. Simply email or, and we’ll do our best to answer your questions (and hopefully get you addicted to our AMAZING* site).

*Biased opinion on the site provided by the author of this article. But we’re confident you’ll agree once you’ve had a look around!


What is Book+Main?

Book+Main is a discovery tool—a “book search engine”, if you will—for romance readers, designed to help readers and authors connect. Through Book+Main, you can get a “taste” for an author’s work via Bites—excerpts from existing books, bonus content, deleted scenes and more—curated by the author, and decide if that author is someone of whom you’d like to read more.

How is Book+Main different from other social media sites?

Our platform is a discovery tool. Although there are some aspects that are, on their surface, similar to social media sites, Book+Main is not diluted with other genres, brands, news, politics, etc. It’s designed by romance readers for romance readers, so books are, and always will be, our main priority.

The like, comment, and share functions that you’ll find on our site are a mechanism for us to understand what the reader likes, so that when we suggest Bites, we’re suggesting relevant content.

Book+Main is not a site that readers need to be on every day for hours on end. Our goal for you as a reader is to be on and off within five minutes with your next book. However, we are building features that will give you more reasons to stick around—things that don’t exist on other platforms that are designed for romance readers.

With so many other places to engage, why should I choose Book+Main?

Book+Main is filled with content that’s specifically for romance readers. Add to that the fact that it’s customizable—meaning you can search for what you want to see, when you want to see it—and it becomes an experiences that’s searchable based on you, your preferences, your reading habits, and even your moods!

Why go to another site and ask for recommendations that are not to your liking, when you can jump on Book+Main, search, and be off and reading in minutes? It’s that simple! Want a small town, contemporary, single dad? Search it and you’ll be served up Bites by authors that fit your preferences. No waiting around for recommendations and then still having to search through blurbs and covers. Bites are the “trailer” for books. You wouldn’t watch a two-hour movie based on recommendations alone, you’d view the movie trailer, which serves you the highlights. And that’s exactly what a Bite does!

If you’d like more information about the way readers like you are using Book+Main, check out our blog post what kind of Biter you are!


What is a Bite?

In simple terms, a Bite is a way to see if you connect to an author’s writing before you buy their book. It might be an excerpt, a deleted scene, bonus material, etc., and may come from a work-in-progress (WIP), an already-published book, or be content exclusive to Book+Main. All content is curated by the author, so you can be sure that what you’re reading is what they consider the very best representation of their work.

How do I find Bites?

There are several ways to find Bites:

• Use the search bar to type in the kind of book you’re in the mood for. Check out the next question for more info on how our search function works!

• If you follow an author, their Bites will show in your Bites feed.

• Visit your Discover feed regularly—it’s a great way to find new-to-you authors. Bites in the Discover feed are determined by your subgenre selections and maximum Flame Rating setting, which you can edit via your profile. That way, if your tastes change, your Book+Main profile can change with you.

• If you follow your friends or favorite blogs, the Bites they love and share will show in your Community feed, along with shared Bites from the authors you follow.

How does the search function work?

Search can be used several ways. Are you looking for content from your favorite authors? Type their name into the search bar to see if they have a Book+Main profile, then click to follow them. You can access their profile from the search results to catch up with Bites already posted, plus opt to receive notifications when they post Bites in the future.

You can also use the search function to find new content. By assigning hashtags and keywords to their Bites, authors make their content searchable based on the content of their Bite. In the mood for a secret baby romance? Type “Secret Babies” in the search bar and watch the search results fill with options. Have a hankering for a Historical romance? Search for it and you’re on your way to finding your next favorite Historical romance writer!

Finally, from the search results screen, you can look through a list of over 350 romance sub-genres and tropes that authors can choose from when posting their Bites. With so many options available, you might not know right away what you’re in the mood for, so simply scroll down until you see one that piques your interest, click on it, and find something tasty to devour!

What are Flame Ratings and how do they work?

Flame Ratings are designed to give you an idea of the heat level of the Bite or book you’re looking. Bites and books are rated by the author with a 1-to-5 Flame Rating. The higher the flame, the hotter the content!

It’s important to remember that a Bite Flame Rating may not reflect the Flame Rating of the entire book. The Flame Rating of a book can be found on an author’s Books tab or any book link you click on (if an author has designated one). That means if you’re reading a low-flame Bite from a high-flame book, you know before you buy!

Don’t forget, if your Flame Rating preferences change, make sure to visit your profile to update your settings—that way you know you’ll always see the Bite and books that suit you best.

What are Posts?

Posts are very similar to what you are used to seeing on your favorite social media platforms, only more book focused. They live in the Community feed and are a great way to get to know your favorite authors better. Posts can cover anything from cover reveals and teasers, to giveaways and inspirational pictures, to personal stories and observations, and are designed to give you insight into what’s happening in the life and career of the authors you follow. If a Post is related to a particular book, they may also be linked to Bites and/or books, so you can find out more right away!

What is the Discover Feed?

The Discover feed is where you can find new authors and new content, and is a handy tool when you aren’t 100% sure what you’re looking for. It caters to YOUR likes and is populated with Bites that match your favorite sub-genres and desired Flame Rating. And since your favorite genres and maximum Flame Rating can be changed at any time via your profile, your Discover feed can change and grow with you!

Can I create my own Bites or Posts?

No, on Book+Main Bites, authors are the Content Creators and readers are the Content Curators. You can—and should—share your favorite Bites along with short post about why you’re sharing/what you love about it, but Book+Main is designed for authors to show off their work, and for you to find something that you love without the pressure of updating the world on your life.

Can I control the types of books I see?

Yes. When you sign-up for a Book+Main account, you are given the option to select your favorite romance sub-genres, and set your desired Flame Rating. This allows you to curate your feed by removing Bites that don’t match your needs, and can be changed/updated at any time via your profile.

Are Bites and Posts Interactive?

Yes! You can comment on and/or like a Bite or a Post, and you can also share your favorite Bites with your friends. Keep in mind that by using the heart function on a Bite, it tells Book+Main what you like and what you’d like to be served in the future. Think of it like Amazon also-boughts, but more relevant because it’s so hyper focused. The more intentional you are with the ❤️, the better future recommendations will be on Book+Main!

What is Biteshelf?

Biteshelf is where you can save Bites to read or re-read at a later date, and a fabulous tool for organizing your TBR. If you want to see all of a particular author’s Bites that you’ve shelved, you can filter your Biteshelf by author name and they’ll all show up. And if you want to see all of your saved Second Chance Bites, you can filter for that, too!

Other suggestions for how to use Biteshelf to the best of its ability? Search Bites for books sitting on your TBR and “shelve” them until you’re ready to take a Bite. Search Book+Main for the sub-genre or trope you’re in the mood for, then shelve all the Bites that seem interesting to you. Then, when you’re ready, you can filter your Biteshelf by that keyword and sample until you find your next book!

Do I have to pay to use Book+Main?

No. Readers are not charged for an account with Book+Main, and never will be.


I entered my email address incorrectly when registering for Book+Main. Can you update it for me?

Yes, please send an email to with the subject line “Incorrect Email Address” and please include your username *and* the correct email address within the body of the email.

I can’t login to my account anymore, where I was able to previously. What should I do?

Try using your username to login to your account. This is different to your email address. If that does not work, please click “Forgot Password”. If you are still experiencing trouble, please email and include your username and email address, along with a brief description of the problem you are experiencing.

I didn’t realize that my username would be public and would like to change it. Can I do that?

Yes, usernames can be changed via the desktop site by visiting your profile and clicking “Edit Profile”.

I made an error with my username and would like to have it corrected. Is that possible?

Yes, usernames can be changed via the desktop site by visiting your profile and clicking “Edit Profile”.

I would like to delete my account but cannot see an option to do so. What do I do?

We’re sorry to see you go! If you’d like to delete your account, visit your profile in your web browser (not mobile) and click on “Edit Settings”. At the bottom, you can choose to delete your account. This cannot be undone, so please proceed with that knowledge.

I signed up as a reader but am now a published author and would like to change my account. How do I do that?

Congratulations! Please send a PM to the Book+Main Facebook Page, and make sure to include your username, email address and a link to one of your books on a major e-retailer, such as iTunes or Amazon.

If you do not use Facebook, please email us at so we can chat about other options for verifying your account and upgrading you to an Author profile.

I am having trouble with my account, what do I do?

Please email and include in your message your Book+Main username, email address, and any additional info you can provide on the problem you are experiencing. Screenshots and browser information are vital to trouble-shooting the problem ASAP, so if you are able to provide those, please do!

I have feedback/suggestions to make Book+Main even better, where should I send it?

We LOVE Feedback, so please feel free to email us at and share your thought. Our goal is to listen to our users in the hopes of making our site the best it can be. We take every suggestion—no matter how big or small it might be—seriously and strive to grow and change in ways that make using Book+Main the best experience possible for all users!

If you have a question about using Book+Main, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Authors, if you’re interested in promotional or marketing opportunities, please reach out to the team at

For all other inquiries, please send us an email at

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