Gift Ideas Because Book Friends Are the Best Friends

by Beth Cranford

When I first moved over here to America, one of my main concerns (aside from, ya know, everything) was who I was going to spend my time with. I mean, I’m hardly the most social person on Earth, but even us introverts need friends—people to talk to, bounce ideas off, vent to, and so on.

With genuine worry, because making friends once you’re past college-age and not working outside of the home is crazy hard, I launched myself into reading. Reading, in turn, introduced me to Romancelandia. Which came to my rescue in the best of ways. I now know why #BookFriendsAreTheBestFriends. (And it’s not just because our relationships are mostly online so I don’t have to put on pants.)

If you, like me, are the kind of person that likes to send random gifts to the friends and family members who make your life better, then I’ve compiled a list of great gifts for booklovers in the hopes of making your life easier. You’re welcome!

Rifle Paper Co. Novelty Mug

$18 from Anthropologie

I love tea and therefore am very particular about the teacups and mugs I use. One glimpse at this pretty book mug and I’m already planning out in my head to whom I want to send one. It’s not available until May 16, but since that just so happens to be my husband’s birthday, looks like I’ll be preordering it.

For him, of course.

Duo Multi-Position Memory Foam Tablet Stand w/ Storage Pockets

$21.97 from QVC

Why would I ever hold my iPad or Kindle when I could rest it on this bad boy? Since I like to read with my dogs on my lap and a cup of tea in hand, having somewhere to rest my device would be super handy, especially if I want to avoid spills. Which, for the record, I totally do. (And so do Ellie and Felix.)

Easily Distracted By Shelves Of Books T-Shirt

$14.99 from LookHuman

It’s funny because it’s true, right? I am easily distracted by books and so are my book-loving friends. Logic then states that it’s wise to alert people to this fact so they don’t think you’re rude when you start staring longingly at a book and stop listening to them. Added bonus, you can get this design in multiple styles, so if tanks are more your style than tees, you’re covered.

Esme Glasses

Starting at $95 from WarbyParker

What better way to look the part of a reader than by getting a pair of glasses named after the street I grew up on? What, the name isn’t a consideration for you? What about the fact that you get these frames with or without a prescription, and with a blue-light blocking filter so you (oh, sorry, your friend) can read on your device longer without straining your eyes?

Go Read a Book Black and White Graphic Polyester 16 in. x 16 in. Throw Pillow

$21.54 from HomeDepot

Honestly, these four words go through my head at least once a day, so having them on a pillow that one could, say, shove in someone’s face when necessary, seems like a good idea. Or maybe it’ll just remind your friend that they need to do more reading and less *gestures vaguely* everything else.

Book Club Candle

$34.00 from Homesick

I can count the number of times I’ve burned a candle on one hand, and still have four fingers to spare. The one and only candle I burned? A Homesick candle that was gifted to me by a Romancelandia friend. It smelled so good, so can I just say even if you don’t typically buy your friends gifts, you’re welcome to buy this one for me?? What, we’re friends now, aren’t we?

Metal Flexible Bookend

$20 from Shein

Every booklover needs a pretty, decorative place to put their favorite books, and if they’re constantly adding more to their collection (like me), then a flexible bookend is kind of brilliant. It can expand as their book-buying habit does, which means the only problem is deciding which book to read first.

Harper – Harry Potter Hufflepuff House Yellow Georgette Pullover Blouse

$37.12 from Torrid | ON SALE

I practically live in my Torrid black leggings, and I’m thinking that adding this top would make the perfect reading outfit. Now, admittedly, you need your friend to be a Hufflepuff for this particular gift to work but the good news is Torrid have this blouse in the other three Harry Potter houses. The bad news is you can’t keep it for yourself. Unless you consider yourself your friend, in which case, go off.

Bookshelf Books – Apple Watch 44mm, 40mm, 42mm & 38mm bands / Apple Watch Series 4 Band (44mm, 40mm)

$42.00 from ChickLitDesigns on Etsy

Buying your friend an Apple watch is a bit of a stretch — for most people, in any case. But buying them an awesome bookish watch band? Totally doable. I covet this band and have started subtly (read: not at all subtly) dropping hints at home ahead of my birthday . . . in July.

Books I’ve Read Readers Journal

$19.95 from Amazon

I’ve mentioned before that I love to record the books I read and my thoughts on them in a journal. And this is a great one for friends who want to record the same info for every book. Each page has a spot for things like title, author, date read, favorite quote, and if you or your friends are as forgetful about books as me and mine (a symptom of too many books #ReaderProblems), then writing them down is a must!

About Beth

Beth Cranford was born and raised in Australia, but followed her heart (and her husband) to the United States in her late 20s. As the mother of two kids, she’s learned that you can turn anything into a song and that slime does not belong in carpeted areas (or polite society). You can most often find her with her Kindle in hand, listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, or spending way too many hours playing Animal Crossing.

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