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Pink Pineapple Giveaway!

The House Party Experience x Book+Main

Let’s create more unapologetic romance off the page! We’re starting by sponsoring Alexandria House’s ‘The House Party Experience’.

One of the things we love about romance is how it touches every aspect of life. Here’s to drinking a well made cocktail, reading a good book and creating a life where you get to receive all the love you imagine.

If you missed out on tickets for the sold out event, no worries! You can still experience a bit of escape from home with a featured bite, a paired cocktail and a giveaway!

Get Lost In Love ❤️

Create The Mood For an Amazing Reading Experience With a Cocktail and a Bite!

Make The Big South Cocktail 🍹

Make the perfect drink so you can escape into the love story of one of our favorite fantasy couples . Made with delicious pineapples, tequila and more try an upgraded version of your standard margarita.

Read The Bite That Inspired The Cocktail! 📚

“Licking his lips, he asked, “Can I touch you, Jo?”

“Um, aren’t you already doing that?” I asked, as I closed my eyes and tried to recall how to breathe.

“Yeah, but not like I wanna touch you. Can I touch you like I wanna touch you, baby?”……

🎉 Join Our Giveaway!

Celebrate summer with one of the most sought after fruits! 

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