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Many authors have found that marketing can be difficult—there are a lot of options, and for newbies, it’s not so easy to decide where and how to advertise. Which is why we asked Book+Main author Charisse Moritz to talk about her experience in Marketing with Book+Main.

In today’s Guest Post, Charisse shares how she felt, what she tried, and why advertising with Book+Main worked for her.


On July 29th, 2019, I published my debut YA romance, Shakespeare Burning. I remember the exact moment my precious offspring went live. I then waited with heart aflutter.

And waited.

Nothing happened.

The hordes of gushing fans I’d expected failed to find my book. I realized I needed to start marketing. Clueless and desperate aren’t a recipe for success. I immediately invested in a Virtual Tour where I was required to provide a $20 Amazon Gift Card as a Rafflecopter prize, and my book was featured on a different blog site every day for a month. I quickly caught on that the same five or six people were following my book and providing a generic comment for the sake of winning the prize. I saw no sales or new reviews.

Discouraged but not defeated, I found a newsletter targeted at wide range of readers. I spent quite a bit on an ad that expired within 24 hours. I figured out that their audience is so inundated with daily ads, they barely glance at them.

When I signed up for the Book+Main newsletter, I discovered a treasure trove of delightful snippets, amazing authors, and unmatched opportunity. I immediately sent an email, begging to be a part of this paradise of romantic fiction. The lovely ladies at Book+Main earned my eternal gratitude with all of their patience and assistance. Despite my complete helplessness, they managed to set me up with a Featured Bite in the newsletter. The response was absolutely overwhelming. The traffic generated led to exposure and sales. Posting and editing Bites is so easy that even a technological dinosaur like myself can handle it, and the Bites never expire! Adding new and updating current bites generates fresh interest, and I get to showcase my writing, rather than just a blurb. I confess to having become a little addicted to the search for my next favorite read and checking the stats on my own bites.

On June 4th, 2020, I published my second novel, Shatter (The Choosy Beggars Series Book One) and immediately reached out to Book+Main. I was super excited to work with these amazing gals again. Having gained a bit of insight over the past year, I signed up for a Banner Ad, Featured Book, and Featured Bite in the bi-weekly newsletter. For a very reasonable fee, the return is exceptional. I know I’m always eager to check out the newsletter and I follow up on every book, Bite, banner, and spotlighted author. As I’ve just recently been on the receiving end of my first, horribly nasty, attack-style book review that reduced me to a sobbing, chocolate-eating, mass of insecurities, I’ve doubled my gratitude and support of Book+Main. It is a positive environment that provides a platform to “like” Bites, comment, and reach new readers. Anyone who doesn’t care for a writing style simply moves on without stabbing a rusty fork in the author’s heart. (Not that I’m bitter.)

About Charisse Moritz

Emily Award Finalist and Melody Of Love Award Finalist,

Charisse Moritz divides her life between upstate NY and

northern Florida. When not barricaded inside her writing

cave or enjoying every possible minute with her husband

and three kids, you’ll find her listening to 60’s music,

singing off key and looking for new reads.

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