Guest Post: World Building

by Rebecca Hefner

The awesome thing about writing paranormal romance is that you can make up your own world. It was something that called to me when I first started reading the genre in the early 2000s. The first authors I discovered were JR Ward and Lora Leigh, and I enjoyed the Black Dagger Brotherhood and Breeds series so much, I wondered if I could develop my own. At that point, I still worked in corporate America and had no aspirations whatsoever to be an author.

But I was creative and I loved to write, so I let my imagination wander.

One night, almost as if in a dream, Slayer Princess Miranda appeared to me. It was as if she were real, and a personality quickly formed around her character. She was fierce — a warrior more than a princess who would stop at nothing to end the centuries-long war that ravaged her realm. In order to do that, she would need to vanquish two foes: the dreaded Vampyres and the evil Deamon King Crimeous.

The Slayers had once been peaceful with the Vampyres but a series of disastrous misunderstandings led to vicious war. This was tragic, as the Vampyres relied on Slayer blood for sustenance, so they began to raid the Slayer compounds and abduct Slayers for their precious blood.

Crimeous was a manifestation of true evil, the cause of Miranda’s mother’s demise, and she longed to defeat him. This could only be accomplished by fulfilling an ancient prophecy where she aligned with Vampyre King Sathan. As the story formed in my head, I became more excited, realizing the opportunity for conflict was ripe. I’m a huge enemies-to-lovers fan, and two arch-enemies aligning to vanquish a common foe was a story I couldn’t wait to write.

So, I began to write the Etherya’s Earth series. For over a decade, I wrote and revised, unsure if I would ever publish but entranced by the characters who now lived in my head. As an avid reader, I watched the publishing space, realizing more authors were choosing to blaze their own trail rather than give up control to large publishing houses. And then, one day, I decided I was going to leave corporate America and release these stories to the world.

[◉”]: Rebecca Hefner

In June, I will release Book 6 in my Etherya’s Earth series, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing these characters’ stories. At this point, they are living, breathing people to me, and many readers have told me they also consider them friends, which warms my heart. The world of Etherya’s Earth has grown so rich and I recently revised the map published in each book to help the readers visualize the world. Book 6, The Cryptic Prophecy, which releases on June 22nd takes a turn I didn’t see coming when I first began the series. Let’s just say that the immortal world might not remain hidden from the human world much longer. It was a fantastic twist and a wonderful new beginning for the next generation of the series.

Etherya’s Earth will always be so special because it was the first series I ever published, and I will continue to write books in this world as long as the characters keep talking to me. For now, they’re very chatty, and I’m thrilled to be working on Book 7. It was always a secret dream of mine to write heartfelt, action-packed, steamy romance novels, and I’m so proud to be fulling that dream one book at a time. I’m extremely thankful for each and every reader who supports indie authors and helps us get our book babies into the world!

COMING JUNE 22, 2021

The next generation of Etherya’s Earth begins…

Calinda, daughter of Darkrip and Arderin, has never quite fit in the immortal world. Raised alongside humans, she returned to the realm as the subject of a cryptic prophecy. Feared by some and shunned by others, Callie struggles to understand her place in the kingdom. When a handsome suitor begins to court her, she is taken by his ardent gestures, even if she has doubts.

Stoic Vampyre soldier Brecken grew up far from royal castles and wealthy aristocrats and understands he and Callie are worlds apart. Silently, he guards her and her suitor, falling for her more each time he hears her silken laugh and observes her kindness toward his little sister. He might not deserve her, but he vows to keep her safe.

When Callie’s suitor betrays her by aligning with their enemy, Brecken is there to pick up the pieces. As the final battle with Bakari draws near, Brecken continues to protect Callie, knowing a future between them is uncertain. But Callie is determined to defy the prophecy and prove to her heroic soldier that destinies are never set in stone…and one can determine their own fate if they have the strength to prevail.

**The Etherya’s Earth series is best read in order so the reader can enjoy the evolution of the characters. After all, the author loves a good twist and wants the reader to uncover them organically. However, readers of romance rest assured that each book has its own featured hero/heroine and HEA.


Rebecca Hefner grew up in Western NC and now calls the Hudson River of NYC home. In her youth, she would sneak into her mother’s bedroom and read the romance novels stashed on the bookshelf, cementing her love of HEAs. A huge Buffy and Star Wars fan, she loves an epic fantasy and a surprise twist (Luke, he IS your father).

Before becoming an author, Rebecca had a successful twelve-year medical device sales career. After launching her own indie publishing company, she is now a full-time author who loves writing strong, complex characters who find their HEAs.

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