Keyword Round-Up: Alpha Males

by Beth Cranford

It should come as a surprise to exactly no one that Alpha Males is consistently one of our top trending keywords. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t delight — even if only occasionally — in the growly, possessive, protective traits that make these heroes so damn desirable?

From literal Alphas leading their pack in shifter romances, to billionaires bosses demanding everything, to dark, deadly mafia men, and more, Alpha Males are one of the hallmarks of romance. Does that mean we only love Alphas? Um, no. I’ve loved me some beta males big time in the past, and I guarantee that I will again. (Hmm, maybe there’s another round-up in our future . . . )

Some days, though, just call for a certain type of man. And today is one of those days. So I did what I do best: I hit searched keyword Alpha Males for the kinda man I’m looking to add to my eReader. Here are just some of my favorite finds!

Hi, yes, I am a simple girl. I see the words “British accent, ” “roughly the size of a redwood,” and “biggest hand I’d ever seen” and I think to myself, this is a man I want to read about. Is that right? Maybe not. Do I care? Nope! Everything about this Bite makes me glad that this book already lives on my bookshelf (I’m an unabashed and incurable #PaperbackCollector) and that all I need to do now is go grab it and fall in love with Max.

There is a little part of me that says this show of dominance and sheer arrogant willfulness should not be so freaking hot. Like, the spanking? I am blushing. But that part is overshadowed by the rest of me that would a) like to know what happens next, and b) would very much like to trade places with Olivia. I love that she showed some fight, because that aforementioned little part needed to see it, which helped this one make my list.

Excuse me, but where has A.M. Johnson been hiding this Bite? It was among the first wave of Bites on our platform, and four years later, here’s me absolutely SALIVATING over it. Lucky as I am to know Amanda, I might have messaged her with a “WTF?!” and a “how did I not know about this?” before I took my MFM and romantic suspense loving tooshie over to Amazon to one-click the book. But not before rereading this Bite twice, to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Because, you know, research.

Okay, this one appealed to me because as much as I sometimes enjoy big hands, and threesomes, and apparently duub-con spanking, I am still an absolute sucker for funny, light-hearted, feel good reads. And that’s the impression I got from this Bite from Julia Kent. Nothing says good time quite like a drunk brother, a possible home invasion, and a naked woman. Not that I know that from experience. Unless the experience of reading this Bite counts, in which case, trust me. THIS IS A GOOD, ALPHA-Y TIME.


Wild Rebel by Laurelin Paige

Guys, I am starting to have concerns that I don’t know myself at all. I clicked on this Bite because the title of it — along with the author — piqued my interest. It’s short and not exactly sweet, and yet, here I am still thinking about it. Part of it is the fact that I need to know about the before that was “sweet and adoring and nice,” but I have to be honest, a LOT of it is the very Alpha command given . . . and obeyed. Side note: I kinda hope my grandma doesn’t read this round-up.

Back when this book was known by another name, I read it. And I loved it. Now, with a new cover and title, seems like a good time to revisit it, which is why I was so happy to see it in my Alpha Males search results. While not the longest Bite in the world, it’s a glimpse of the heart-wrenching tale of Apollo and Graham, and more than enough to whet my appetite for more. Probably because this scene appeals to the reader in me who sees Alphas as caring — albeit to the nth degree — and there’s just a taste of that here . . .


Finale by Skye Warren | Posted by 1001 Dark Nights

Let me get one thing straight: I NEED THIS BOOK YESTERDAY. It actually only came out at the start of this month, which makes me feel better about having missed it, because, umm, this Bite is 🔥🔥🔥🔥. A demanding man negotiating a marriage of convenience with a woman who is determined to stand her ground. Oh, and you know, the promise of submission and orgasms and money, and did he say Duchess? #IWantItAll #AndIWantItNow. Side note: 1001 Dark Nights is a killer account to follow for endless amazing Bites!

I have read every book of Kate Meader’s except for three. The Tall, Dark, and Texan books. Which, for the record, I already own because I’ve been meaning to read them for a while now. “A while” just became ASAP after this Alpha Males Bite left me flushed and intrigued and berating myself for missing out on one of Kate’s signature sexy heroes. Brody displays that Alpha growl in this Bite, and between that and the set-up of a billionaire boss finding his assistant moonlighting as a stripper . . . I’ll see you when I’m done reading.

About Beth

Beth Cranford was born and raised in Australia, but followed her heart (and her husband) to the United States in her late 20s. As the mother of two kids, she’s learned that you can turn anything into a song and that slime does not belong in carpeted areas (or polite society). You can most often find her with her Kindle in hand, listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, or spending way too many hours playing Animal Crossing.

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