Keyword Round-Up: Romantic Suspense

by Beth Cranford

Dear Romantic Suspense Lovers,

I’d like to identify myself as one of your number. Despite my complete inability to read anything too dark or angsty (I swear, I could cry just reading some of these blurbs, y’all), there’s just something about a mystery, a little twistery — a new word I totally just made up to describe the twists and turns of a good rom-suspense — and a lot of steam that really speaks to me. Which is why I recently poured over the Romantic Suspense keyword on Bites. And boy, did I find some absolute gems during my search. Below is a round-up of the ones that caught my eye — and why. Enjoy!



First things first, this is one sexy Bite, so be warned. Clicking on it may result in spontaneous combustion of your panties. Behind the Veil is a fantastic romantic suspense book, and the start of an awesome series from Kathryn Nolan (A+++ rating for all of the Codex books), and this Bite while this particular Bite is more about the romance than the suspense, I know from having read and loved the book, that it will check all the boxes for rom-suspense lovers.

We did a Bite-Sized Interview with husband and wife writing team, AM Kusi earlier this year, and I absolutely loved getting to know a little more about them. So much so, that when I started my search for rom-suspense Bites, theirs was a name I looked out for. And I was rewarded with this one in particular — a meet-cute from Defying Gravity that’s fraught from the start but with a hero we can root for and a heroine who is strong, sassy, and protective. I definitely need to keep reading!

I love the casual, familiar opening of this Bite. I was sucked in by the simple romance of it — a woman dancing as she washes dishes, the man who wants her admiring her secretly — but as the sexy kiss ends, and it becomes apparent that there’s something standing in the way of James and Marina getting together, I was left with questions that I needed answers to. Especially with that whispered last line that was *chef’s kiss* the perfect place to end the Bite to make sure I was completely hooked on Dangerous Abduction.

Ohhhhhh, yes. This Bite is the perfect blend of heat—that kiss is epic, y’all—and suspense, and it most definitely left me wanting more. Delaney Diamond will be another new-to-me author, but the Bite image made me click, the writing got me hooked, and the one-clicking happened without conscious effort on my part. Until Now is book one in a two book series and guess what?! They’re both available, which means we, oh, err, I mean, I can dive in without having to worry about the promised cliffy.

I’ve yet to meet a Lucy Score book I haven’t loved (although I sadly have yet to meet a lot of Lucy Score’s books, which is something I am almost ashamed to admit), and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Forever Never. Clicking on the Bite was a given for that reason, staying there to read the whole thing was a given for another reason—I was hoping it would magically turn into the whole book as I read . . . which it kind of did if you consider the fact I one-clicked as fast as humanly possible when I got to the end.


Maddox by Melanie Moreland

If you thought this list wouldn’t include Melanie Moreland, then my friends, you don’t know me at all. I’ve read (and loved) Maddox a couple of times, but I can never resist clicking on a Bite from one of my all-time favorite authors, so seeing this prologue in the results made me grin. Then read. Then re-download my copy of Maddox from the Kindle Cloud to indulge my need for my silver-haired alpha male and his older woman. (And yes, I said my, because I’ve claimed him already, but you can borrow him for a spell, okay?)

I have never before read a Darcy Burke book, but after reading this Bite, it’s clear that that is something I need to remedy. It’s a meaty Bite—as in long—and it’s action packed from go to whoa. If that’s what Scoundrel Ever After is like in Bite form, then I cannot WAIT to read the book itself. My only issue is . . . this is book six in a series of romantic suspense books. Do I start with book one, and be a good, reading-in-order girl, or do I just go for the one that first piqued my interest? *Sigh* Sometimes it’s so hard to be a reader.

I’ll be honest: it was the delicious looking cupcake that first stirred my interest in this Bite. And you know can’t blame me because it looks delicious. The second thing to catch my attention was one of the hashtags. Specifically, #sweetromance. I love me some sweet romance, y’all, and after reading this sweet Bite with the sweet pic, I’m convinced I’m going to love Baked with Love 2, too. If nothing else, I need to know how Gianna reacts to Ramsey’s actions — and what exactly the suspense will turn out to be . . . Hmm.

About Beth

Beth Cranford was born and raised in Australia, but followed her heart (and her husband) to the United States in her late 20s. As the mother of two kids, she’s learned that you can turn anything into a song and that slime does not belong in carpeted areas (or polite society). You can most often find her with her Kindle in hand, listening to Taylor Swift on repeat, or spending way too many hours playing Animal Crossing.

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