A Few of My Favorite Things…

by Book+Main CMO, Melissa Saneholtz

Our Book+Main team is made up of some wonderful people with varying tastes. As a little getting to know you, we thought it might be fun to spice things up by sharing some of our favorite things with each of you. I’ll kick things off! Hi, I’m Melissa Saneholtz, Book+Main’s Chief Marketing Officer.

I’m so excited to round up some of my favorite things to share with you. I must admit this was hard, as there are so many things I love. When it comes to pretty things, I can be a bit indecisive, but I’m a massive lover of books, so let’s start with some of my favorite book-inspired products.

Favorite Book Inspired Clothing

Working from home means unless I have to attend a Zoom call, I’m not getting dressed. My wardrobe consists of ALL THE T-SHIRTS! I love inspirational quotes, book quotes, etc. A while back, I browsed Amazon and came across these two t-shirts, and I couldn’t add to the cart quickly enough! How stinkin’ cute, right?! And for less than $20, I was sold. The bonus was I already owned the shorts and shoes. Click on the photos for sizing.

Favorite Home Accessory

I’m obsessed with candles. Like OBSESSED! I have an entire drawer full of them, and quite honestly, my husband has forbidden me from ordering any more unless I get rid of some. I just laugh. I won’t stop buying them. Ever. Add to it that paranormal romance is my jam, and you can see why I’d love this. Dragon shifters? Sign me up! Bonus: It’s soy, and Mother of Dragons smells SO good!

Favorite Journal

Raise your hand if you have too many journals…yep, me too! However, this one is worth keeping on the top of your stack. WARNING: If you are not a fan of profanity…look away. This may be offensive to some, but when I received it as a gift from a book world friend (who just happens to be one of the best people I know), I instantly fell in love. Zen indeed!

Favorite Book Series from Childhood

One of the book series that made me a book worm was Goosebumps by R.L. Stein! You better believe I bought this set for my ten-year-old for her birthday. This is one series I’ll make her read out loud to me. P.S. she loves them too, and my heart is FULL!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favorites roundup! While pulling these photos and links, I might’ve stumbled across a whole new list of faves…I told you I can be indecisive. Perhaps I’ll be back to share more!

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Melissa is mommy to three kiddos under the age of ten, Lover of Audiobooks, Paranormal and Fantasy Junkie and professional collector of book paraphernalia. Follow her @melissa on Book+Main Bites!

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