Biteucation: Netflix for Romance Readers

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This week, we’re going to talk about how Book+Main shares similarities with streaming giant (and quarantine MVP), Netflix…

We’ve been asked a lot over the past few years what Book+Main is similar to, and honestly, the answer is nothing . . . and something.

Confusing, right? When it comes to the romance book world, Book+Main holds a unique place—it’s a book search engine, a place to connect with your favorite authors and meet fellow readers, and an organizational tool for your TBR, among other things. But if we were to compare ourselves to anything, well, we’d compare ourselves to Netflix.

Yes, Netflix.

So, how is an online streaming service (and lifesaver in these trying times) comparable to Book+Main? Let’s break it down, shall we?


Like Netflix, Book+Main boasts a large, diverse catalogue of content. With over 3500 Authors, and Bites in categories ranging from Paranormal to Romantic Comedy, Historical to Contemporary, Royalty to Sports, we have something for everyone. There are literally tens of thousands of Bites just waiting to be discovered by readers who have a hankering for something new and different. And it’s available wherever you are.


With apps for both Apple and Android users, as well as the desktop site, Book+Main is as portable as you want and need it to be. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re stuck at home (#flattenthecurve) or finally out and about again, Book+Main is always ready to help you discover exactly what you want.


Did you know that we recently introduced “Suggested Bites”? We did, and it’s something we are INCREDIBLY excited about! Like Netflix, Book+Main looks at the things you’ve interacted with in the past and gives you suggestions on what to check out next. Not only that, we also show you what other users who’ve “liked” the same things as you have also enjoyed.

These suggestions are based on your activity on Book+Main. When you click the heart on a Bite, when you leave a comment, when you share a Bite to the Community—that tells us the kinds of things you enjoy and helps us serve you more of the content you love. The social aspects of our platform are just one of the ways Book+Main helps you find the romance you want.

So, there you have it! Book+Main = Netflix.

Kind of, anyway.

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