New Moon, New You

by Julie Laszczak

Our Book+Main team is made up of some wonderful people with varying tastes. As a little getting to know you, we thought it might be fun to spice things up by sharing some of our favorite things with each of you. My name is Julie, and I’ve been fascinated with the moon for as long as I can remember. The way it ebbs and flows, and how, even when it only shows a portion of itself, we still know it’s whole.

I’ll be popping by each month to chat with you more about what to expect, what changes might be on the horizon, and ways to take care of yourself. I hope you’re going to enjoy it as much as I do!

Checking In—

First off—how are you? Yes, I’m truly asking how you are. In this crazy world, we may all be feeling like we are floating without a string to anchor us. Without that tether that brings us back down to earth and reminds us who we are. Check in with yourself. Are you okay? What do you need? Remember—it’s okay to take care of you, even when there are people who rely on you to take care of them.

Try a bath with some Epsom salts. I love these from Amazon. Affordable and smell amazing.

New Super Moon…

This New Super Moon in Libra is a time to decide what you want. I know, I know. Who knows what they want right now? Take a moment to stop and think about that small seedling that deep down inside of you wants to grow. How can you plant it and begin to nourish it? Libra is air energy and all about justice. Where can you be fair to yourself and start to make those moves on what you truly want? Don’t feel like you need to start RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. This Moon invites you to start the process. Make a list, an outline, a small actionable plan that doesn’t overwhelm you. You can even start by identifying what you want. Talk it out with a love one, use your intellect and bring that peace to yourself. Read a book about making change within yourself.

I’ve LOVED these two lately, and they are definitely worth reading!

Animal Spirit Guide

For this New Moon, I’m bringing you a message from our Animal Spirit Guides rather than the Tarot. The message comes from the Snow Leopard, again inviting you to slow down and take some time for yourself. In this new landscape, solitude is hard to come by. As a mom and a wife, sometimes I’d like to be able to pee by myself. This moon wants us to find even just a five minute block of time where we can just sit with ourselves. Check in, do a full body scan, make sure there’s at least something in your cup that you can pour. Make time to just breathe in deeply and find steady footing.

This month of October is wild astrologically, to say the least. Two full moons—one on Halloween—and Mercury Retrograde. My advice to you is this: no matter how the world feels, or how horrible things look, remember who you are. Stand firmly planted in the knowledge that you are here for a reason and, even if that reason isn’t super clear to you right now, it will be.

Be kind, and love one another fiercely.

See you in November.



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