Pranksters & Laughs: A RomCom Round-Up

by Donna Soluri

I don’t know about you, but the last year or so has sucked the fun out of being a prankster on April Fool’s Day for me. Let’s be honest, sometimes the April 1st pranks can be a touch mean-spirited, and given everything we’ve gone through during the pandemic, we need less prank and more laugh, amiright? With that in mind, let’s look at some books written in the before times that are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. I mean, who couldn’t use a good old-fashioned belly laugh to carry us into the weekend?

P.S. Is this post happening the day after April Fool’s Day? You betcha! Consider this a small prank — because who even knows what day it is anymore?

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This is the story of Hadley and Will, and it is a giant enemy-to-lovers romp. When I say enemies, I mean that from the heart. Will thinks Hadley is a gold digger hellbent on scoring his twin brother, Web solely for his inheritance, and Hadley is thoroughly convinced Will is the actual spawn of Satan. When Web tricks them into spending a week in Nebraska together for Hadley’s sister’s wedding, Avery Flynn’s humorous side gets to shine. Hadley’s family is a hoot to the nth degree. They take family game night to a whole new level with the likes of “cutthroat” scrabble. Her Paw Paw has a posse of ladies at the retirement home who makes vodka cocktails out of Ensure supplement drinks. And Hadley’s wildly overprotective brothers take Will on an early morning snipe-hunting adventure that will leave you in stitches. Bless his heart, Will didn’t stand a chance with this crew — or with his ever-growing attraction to Hadley. If you need proof of that, just read the Bite I’ve below. Flynn writes the funny and the sexy, and everything in between. Oh, and did I mention there’s only one bed?


R.L. Mathewson’s Neighbor from Hell series follows the Bradford family through the trials and tribulations of love. In this family, everyone finds their HEA, but we also get a firsthand accounting of the Bradford’s irrefutable, insatiable, unabashed, deeply rooted love of food. This family has been banned from buffet lines and broken dinner tables in their quest for food. Watch your flank if you’re standing near the last brownie. Nothing is safe when food is unattended. It’s hysterical to watch. Playing for Keeps is the first book in this series.

Quiet, seemingly shy Haley lives next door to Jason Bradford. Jason is a good guy, oblivious and always ready for a prank, but he pushes Haley to the limit when he destroys her flower garden. Things happen, sparks fly, and all of a sudden, food takes a backseat to get the girl to see him as more than a jokester. The whole series will leave you in stitches.


The best way to describe Tara Sivec’s humor in a single word would be unfiltered. Other terms could be hilarious, raunchy, snarf-inducing with a touch of 12-year-old boy humor. Claire and Carter had a drunken one-night stand five years before their next encounter. Neither ever got over that fateful night. Alas, they don’t even know each other’s names. Carter is forever searching for the beautiful girl that smelled like chocolate and Claire, well, she sees Carter’s face every day in her toddler, Gavin. Yep, oops! baby time.

Meanwhile, the cast of secondary characters do not sit quietly in the corner. Oh no, they are entirely on board with the insane antics that surround this crew. The thing to know is that absolutely nothing is sacred, nothing is off-limits — and we even get some dinner roll baseball during formal family gatherings.

“…if you break off a fang biting into a blow-up sex doll that’s being used as a blood bag, well, if you don’t get that fang reinserted adequately by a dentist when you wake, you’ll have a decidedly lopsided smile.”


Obviously, this one is a paranormal romance. The Love at Stake series has titles like Vamps in the City, Be Still My Vampire Heart, Secret Life of a Vampire, and one of my personal favorites, Eat, Prey, Love. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning. Roman Draganesti is rich, powerful, and a vampire. By day, his company creates alternative blood substances to nourish the hidden vampire community without using humans as blood bags. By night, his team battles the bad vamps that want to enslave and eat the human population they only view as a food source. Part of the world’s mythology says that any part of your body that heals during the long day sleep period, heals as is. So, if you break off a fang biting into a blow-up sex doll that’s being used as a blood bag, well, if you don’t get that fang reinserted adequately by a dentist when you wake, you’ll have a decidedly lopsided smile. This is where our heroine Shanna Whelan comes in. She’s having a craptastic day, she witnessed a possible mob hit, and some mysterious guys with a detached fang just appeared in her dentist office. Did I mention Shanna has a massive fear of blood? I’m not quite sure how she became a dentist with such an intense phobia, but that’s part of Kerrelyn Sparks’ humor. There’s a laugh a minute but also a serious amount of suspense and, of course, plenty of swoons!


Charley Davidson is possibly one of the most sarcastic characters ever written. She’s a part-time private investigator and a full-time Grim Reaper. She gets herself into plenty of sticky situations with her PI gig, but it’s the Grim Reaper thing she really plays by flying by the seat of her pants. She has to convince the souls of dead people to “go into the light,” but sometimes, they have tasks left uncompleted. It’s up to Charley to figure out how to complete them and, in some cases, right some wrongs so the souls can move along and leave her alone. She also has a feeling someone or something is watching over her. This entity invades her dreams, and watching over her isn’t the only thing on his mind. He’s all about getting over, under, and behind Charley — whatever position possible in a smoking hot (pun intended) way. The chapter quotes alone set the tone. Factor in the knowledge that Charley named her boobs Danger and Will Robinson, and I think you can grasp the sarcastic humor that drips from the pages of this series. It’s all good stuff!

Do you have a favorite prankster that we need to know about? Make sure to drop your recommendations in the comments below so we can add them to our TBR!

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