Scots & Scotch: Julie’s Scottish Obsession

by Julie Laszczak

It’s finally happened. The time and moment when I get to write the article of my dreams. (Thank you, Beth!) So, here’s the thing: I’m kind of obsessed with Scotland and Scottish Romance. It’s not really a secret here at B+M that if it has a brogue or a kilt — Julie has read it. Contemporary, historical — doesn’t matter. I’ll read it. The best part about all of this? I’ve never been. That’s right folks, I have wanderlust for a place that I’ve never even stepped foot on. (Mostly because my husband thinks that if he takes me, I won’t come home. It’s a viable concern.) There is just something in the magic of Scotland that calls me on a soul level. I long to get lost in the highlands, drink all the scotch I can, and wrap myself in some tartan.

Isn’t that why we all read romance though? To escape to a time and place that we’ve never been, to fulfill the fantasies we didn’t even know we had and to bring some magic to reality.

Well, now that I’ve droned on about my obsessive love, let’s break down the real reason I’m here. To give you all my favorite Scottish romances in one place. So, get ready to one-click and swoon…

The Bride

by Julie Garwood

You probably all thought I’d start this list with Outlander, didn’t ya? But no. My OG, the original Scottish historical that holds my heart is this baby right here. I reread it no less than four times a year, and it’s like coming home every time. Why you may ask? Three words: Laird Alec Kincaid.

The McCabe Trilogy

by Maya Banks

If Maya Banks wrote it and it’s a Scottish Historical, you want to read it. Trust. She writes incredible strong, heroines like no one else and when I grow up, I want to be Mairin. Start with In Bed with a Highlander and then binge the whole series. Thank me when you’re done.

On Dublin Street

by Samantha Young

A contemporary romance with a stubborn Scotsman? Yes, please.

Hot Scots Series

by Donna Alam

Four books in a boxed set. All hot Scots.

So many brogues, so many alpha males.


The Highland Brides Series

by Lynsay Sands

Want a historical Scottish rabbit hole? Here’s nine books for you with Scottish lairds, strong heroines and so much stunning scenery you’ll want to run away to Scotland immediately.

Literally Anything

written by Jolie Vines

I love EVERYTHING Jolie writes. Stunning contemporary romance with tons of hot Scots. Start with the Wild Scots series – Volume One.


Now, we switch gears for a hot second —

If you are like me and still want to feel like you are traveling to these places without leaving your home, here are a few of my favorite Scottish things. (And they are totally stereotypical, so leave me be until I actually get to go)

This one is an expensive baby that is a serious treat, but the Glendronach Revival Aged 15 years — CHEFS KISS.

More budget friendly for every day? The Famous Grouse Ruby Cask!

Find the Scottish plaid that matches your clan and get some gear. I may or may not own some.

I am unashamed to say I can eat an entire box in one sitting.

Editor’s Note: You should be PROUD of this. I’m awed.

Now, this one I haven’t had the pleasure of receiving yet (hint, hint family) but who wouldn’t want to become a lord or lady

AND help preserve and protect the Scottish woodland?!

So I managed to make this list short and manageable on all ends, but I could give you about 500 more. Maybe I’ll have to come back and make a part two. Or maybe I’ll just run away to the highlands of Scotland never to be heard from again. A girl can dream, can’t she?

Did you LOVE any of these? Or do you have a Scottish romance recommendation? Please share! I’m extensively read in this arena but am always looking for new recs! Drop a comment below to let us know or send me an email! I love hearing from you ☺️

Until next time,



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