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We’re excited to bring you today’s Guest Post by Book+Main author Judy Kentrus, who explains why she loves seasoned romance—romance with mature heroes and heroines, why it’s relatable to romance’s largest book buying demographic, and where to find it. (Hint: we have a keyword for that!)

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You’re not twenty-five anymore. Your book boyfriend shouldn’t be either.

The romance genre has been around for many years. Dame Mary Barbara Cartland, the Queen of Romance, wrote 723 books in her lifetime. Her heyday started in the sixties with heroines who were in their mid to late teens and very early twenties. By twenty-five, a heroine was considered an old maid. It was the age of stay-at-home moms, who raised their children while hiding that “racy” cover on their romance novel.

When did they have time to be a woman and have a meaningful sex life with their significant others? Many missed the boat. All of a sudden they’re forty, fifty, sixty. Years have passed quickly and their families have grown; they’ve become empty nesters.

Marriages face enormous challenges. The woman has so much on her mind and her husband is more interested in watching his 60-inch flat screen television. Women have to juggle careers, raise their children, take care of their homes and, by some miracle, keep their husbands satisfied between the sheets. Divorce is more prominent.

Times have changed and so have the interests of romance readers. There’s a whole new line-up of heroes and heroines. Men and women in their late-thirties, forties, fifties and sixties are not starting out in life—they’ve established their careers, have experienced love and loss, maybe divorce, and are ready to begin again. They know what they’re looking for in a relationship with a woman or a man.

Men and women go online seeking companionship, lust and maybe love again. Women look in the mirror and discover gray hair and spider lines in the corner of their eyes. Not a problem. A woman can highlight the gray, accept the wrinkles as laugh lines, and accentuate her true beauty with confidence, humor and experience. A man is not looking for a date to the prom or a blushing bride to give him babies. He can be a little more romantic with flowers and little gifts, conversations where he actually listens, wooing her to sweet surrender or sweeping her off her feet into a sexy tryst. The woman can make dinner or make reservations, take him on a long walk or to a ballgame, or straight to bed.

They’ve been burned and must learn to trust again. Maybe they’re disappointed in the way their lives have turned out and feel they could never have their happily-ever-after. They’ve lived through the loss of their spouse or suffered through a divorce. By sharing the stories of these mature characters, readers may relate to experiences in their own lives.

This is our new lineup of heroes and heroines. I love to write seasoned romance so that I can give readers hope that all is not lost and there’s a special someone out there waiting for them. Who wouldn’t want to read about couples growing old together, after becoming best friends, lovers and soulmates, and finding love again—maybe for the last time in their lives? There’s a special someone out there waiting for them.

Seasoned Romance stories inspire the middle-aged reader, the largest book-buying demographic among romance readers. Why should the twenty-somethings be the only ones to have budding relationships, experience fun times together or fall in love? Seasoned romance couples face family, career and health challenges. They are tugged in many directions by children, aging parents, colleagues, and friends. But life’s experience and their hard-won maturity will bring them together with their last, or maybe first, soulmate and put them on the same path for their well-deserved happily-ever-after.

So, where do you find these great seasoned romances? Traditional publishers have been slow to catch up to this new group of readers, but many Indie authors have opened the door to an all-inclusive variety of genres that you love. My Vanderbilt Series and The Association are about characters in the late forties and fifties. In my book, The Wedding Gift, I have three geriatric mischief-makers in their nineties who form a singing group, The Lemon Sisters. There are dozens of authors who write seasoned romance: Morgan Malone, Penny Watson, Rosie Genova, Gracie Guy, Karen Booth, Natasha Moore, Maggie Wells, just to name a few.

Search Seasoned Romance on Amazon and Goodreads. Join the Seasoned Romance Facebook group or check-out the Romance In Her Prime Facebook group. And, of course, you can also find seasoned romance on Book+Main!


About Judy Kentrus

Judy Kentrus was born and raised in NJ and moved to PA ten years ago. A romantic at heart, Judy married her high school sweetheart and together, they raised a wonderful son and daughter.

Judy’s books are fun, romantic suspense that will make you laugh, cry and sigh from their HEAs.

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