Weekly New Releases: May 17

by Beth Cranford

Being a romance reader comes with many perks. Chief among which is the sheer number of books we get to look forward to every single week. But there’s a downside to all that choice: the decision paralysis that comes with trying to pinpoint exactly where to start. And, seeing as we are in the business of books—specifically romance books—it seemed wise to take the time to sort through the pile and try to bring some organization to it. For you, of course. This is a purely altruistic act. So, read on to see what books are on offer this week, and what tropes and subgenres they belong to!

Donna and Julie dropped some amazing book recs this past week, so make sure you check out our Author Spotlight on Sonali Dev and her Rajes series and add a little MAGIC to your bookshelves, okay?


May 17

Eva Devon, who wrote one of my favorite books of 2021 so far — The Spinster and the Rake — writes as Marie Claremont in this second book in her Bluestocking War series. Look to this one for heart-wrenching feels as the new Duke of Grey battles his demons to bring a fellow officer to justice, and battles his heart to save Lady Phillipa from tying herself to a horrifically scarred and broken man.

#Regency #War

May 18

The eye-catching (and frankly, stunning) cover on JB Salsbury’s latest is complemented perfectly by the intriguing blurb. Alexander is more animal than man, a danger to Jordan, the woman he rescues upon a mountain. Several book friends have already raved about this grumpy/sunshine story and warned that it packs a punch. The words “book crack” were uttered. I’m in.

#AlphaMales #StrongWomen

May 18

When a man stares that intensely from a book cover, you can bet I’m going to take notice. Add in Kylie Scott’s name (a favorite of mine) and a fake relationship between an everyday woman with verbal diarrhea and a Hollywood actor trying to save face, and you have a recipe for immediate one-clicking. Oh, and this is book one in a new series, so we have more to look forward to! YAY!

#Actors #RomanticComedy

May 20

I have read and loved several of Karla Sorensen’s books (if you want to talk Bachelors of the Ridge look me up, okay? I still hold Tristan close to my heart), and the set-up of this one is killing me with anticipation. Isabel isn’t easily shaken, until the man of her teenage dreams walks into her workplace, the new owner. And since he’s still getting over the loss of his wife, we’d better invest in tissues…

#SlowBurn #Workplace

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