Biteucation: What Kind of Biter Are You?

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This week, we’re going to help you figure out what kind of Biter you are!

You’ve joined Book+Main, and you’re getting ready to start finding new books and new authors! We are thrilled to have you, and even more excited to find out what kind of Biter you are.

Confused? Never fear, we’re here to help you figure it out. Because Book+Main isn’t a typical social media site—in fact, it’s not a social media site at all. We are, first and foremost, a book search engine; somewhere to narrow down your choices to that one book that’s going to blow you away . . . and we all know that romance is all about finding the one.

Not only that, Book+Main is a place for you to sample romance novels before you one-click; a place to discover new likes and interests; and a place to get a first-look at exclusive content from your favorite authors! And because B+M can do all that (and more), it helps to know how using the site will work for you—and how to get the most out of every moment you spend with us!

So, let’s get started, shall we?

The TBR-Overload Biter—

✔️ Do you have a to be read (TBR) list that’s overflowing with titles?

✔️ Want to “taste test” a book before moving it to the top of your TBR?

Congrats, you’re a TBR-Overload Biter! By searching Book+Main for a book on their TBR, TBR-Overland Biters can sample Bites and decide if it’s the one they want to read next. Plus, by utilizing their Biteshelf, the Books and Bites that you love can be saved for later!

The Mood Biter—

✔️ Do you want to find a Bite that meets specific criteria quickly?

✔️ Have a favorite trope or sub-genre that you love to come back to time and time again?

If you answered yes to these questions, it sounds like you’re a Mood Biter! Book+Main is the perfect tool for Mood Biters looking for Bites that match their mood: search for tropes/sub-genres you want, find the right one, and then get to reading. It’s quick, efficient, and easy.

The Social Biter—

✔️ Do you want to know the very moment a new Bite is posted?

✔️ Like, comment, and share Bites so everyone knows exactly what you love and why?

Sounds like you’re a Social Biter! Book+Main is a great place for Social Biters to connect with their favorite authors and fellow readers, and to share the Bites and Books they love with book friends. Make sure you have your notifications turned on!

The Try-Before-You-Buy Biter—

✔️ Do you want to know the book you buy is the book for you?

✔️ Want to make sure a book meets your needs before you commit?

If this sounds familiar, then you’re a Try-Before-You-Buy Biter, and we’re here to help readers save both time and money! By quickly searching Book+Main for a Bite before they buy, Try-Before-You-Buy Biters can be confident that a book will meet their POV and content preferences… and be reading in less than five minutes!

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